The 17 Most Vicious Vampires in Anime

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If you're looking for extremely powerful vampires in anime, then you've come to the right place. Vicious bloodsuckers come in all forms, even anime form. Some of them wield weapons, some of them use magic, and most of them are immortal, but all of these vampires seriously slay when it comes to a challenge. This list is full of the most fearsome and brutal blood fiends in anime, so vote up the vampire characters that are truly vicious, and vote down the ones that don't really do much justice for the vampire race.

These powerful psychic, telekinetic, supernatural beings dominate in anime. After being blessed (or cursed) with vampirism, their strength grows along with their everlasting age, sometimes to the point where their abilities make them a bit too powerful. If vampires are supposed to be immortal, these anime vampires surely prove that they can withstand the tests of time... and the occasional vampire hunter.

Photo: Funimation