The 15 Most Villainous Quirks In ‘My Hero Academia’

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Have you ever noticed that some My Hero Academia quirks seem kind of villainous? Some, such as All For One, feel that way both because of their inherent qualities and because they're used by an actual villain. Others, such as Brainwashing, are used by a hero who was born with a less-than-heroic quirk. 

The fact that some quirks are coded as evil from the jump is actually one of the major themes of MHA. The series' overall message is that no quirk is inherently evil, and it's up to the user on how they choose to apply it. That said, some quirks actively push their users into villainous behaviors, either because they create irresistible impulses or because the users face discrimination and are pushed out of society.

Are these My Hero Academia quirks truly villainous? That's up to you to decide!

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    This quirk is devastating both to its user and to everyone else around them. Whatever Tomura Shigaraki touches with all five of his fingers will crumble into dust. He once accidentally used it on his entire family, which made him vulnerable to being controlled by the villainous All For One.

    Though the outcome of this is devastating, it's hard to imagine what heroic acts he could have done with such a destructive quirk in the first place - even the worst villains don't deserve to have their bodies come apart like that. 

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    When Stain consumes someone's blood, he can paralyze them for a maximum of eight minutes. The length of time varies depending on the person's blood type. 

    Stain typically gets the blood by either stabbing his target or by collecting blood-soaked items that they left behind. So it's often violent, and it's always unsanitary. 

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    All For One
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    All For One allows its user to steal someone else's quirk and use it for themselves. This isn't copying - the target is now completely quirkless. All For One also lets the user bestow quirks onto other people, whether they like it or not. 

    Is it possible to use this quirk ethically? Maybe, if the user exclusively used it on people who wanted to receive or be rid of a quirk. But considering the fact that the target's will isn't required, it's far too easy to use for nefarious purposes. Which, of course, the main villain of the series absolutely does.

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    By drinking another person's blood, Himiko Toga can perfectly mimic their appearance and even their quirk.

    Her Transformation quirk - and other people's reaction to it - is why Toga became a villain. She had an inherent desire to consume blood, a desire that might have been managed in a healthy way if her environment were more accepting. Unfortunately, everyone reacted to these desires with horror and forced her to suppress that part of herself. Without any healthy outlets, she ended up attacking people, leaving home, and joining the League of Villains. 

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    Forced Quirk Activation

    Forced Quirk Activation
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    Forced Quirk Activation is one of All For One's many quirks, so naturally it's on the unsettling side. This quirk overrides the target's will and forces them to activate their quirk whether they want to or not. 

    So far, he's used it on other villains like Kurogiri and Magne, but it's easy to imagine him using it on just about anyone. Anything that involves forcing someone to act - especially to act violently - has serious villain vibes. 

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    Poison Gas

    Poison Gas
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    Poison Gas is used by a character from My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions named Takeshi Bushijima. After toxins build up in his body, he's forced to release them or he'll become ill. When he inevitably releases them, he ends up poisoning others. 

    This would be a great quirk for a villain, but Takeshi is a nice person. He doesn't want to hurt anyone, but his quirk sometimes leaves him with no choice. In order to protect other people, he goes out of his way to release the poison gas in isolated areas.

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