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Anyone who knows anything about any facet of the realm of comic book mythos knows one fact beyond any and all dispute - the Hulk is one of the baddest badasses on the block. Most readers may not even remeber times when Hulk was defeated. As one of the most recognizable faces in comics, Hulk stands among a very select cast of characters that for all intents and purposes, simply cannot be killed. In fact, one can very easily get squashed like a grape just for daring to try.

Now that’s all well and good, and we’ve gotten to see some gold-star Hulk moments where he just obliterates everything around him and attempting to stop him only makes him madder, which only makes him stronger. It usually doesn’t end well. But as many a badass can attest - those above ground anyway, there is always somebody more badass to be found. ALWAYS.

So it does stand to reason that readers will come across rare instances when a villain (or fellow hero) manages to take down the Hulk. It should be noted that the Hulk has had many incarnations over the years, even alternate reality versions of the character, all with different power, intelligence and mortality levels. So, while it hasn’t happened often, there have been several times Hulk was defeated. Keep reading to see some of the times Hulk got beaten down, and remember to vote up your favorites. 

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A Radiation Blast That's a Little Too Real

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We all know the story of how Bruce Banner became the Incredible Hulk, and we can hazard a guess as to how things would turn out if someone actually received enough radiation to make an entire city glow in the dark. In Ruins #1, Writer Warren Ellis brilliantly shows readers what happens when the Hulk gets another heavy dose of Vitamin R. The gamma explosion that created the Hulk in the first place leaves behind a festering pile of tumor-ridden guts and broken bones, still living, still conscious, and unable to scream out in agony thanks to a trachea crushed by cancerous growths.

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Wolverine Makes for the Worst Indigestion Ever

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In the Old Man Logan stories Mark Millar and Steve McNiven tell the tale of a reality where the bad guys finally get it together enough to utterly decimate Marvel's heroes. Only the hardiest of the heroes manages to survive, and one of them is Wolverine, who readers already know is…a devout pacifist who refuses to raise a hand in violence at all, much less pop his claws.

Eventually, Logan come face to face with one of his old allies/enemies - you guessed it: the Hulk. Millar's incarnation of the Hulk paints Bruce Banner as an obese, evil, incestuous old reprobate, past any point of return. The Hulk literally devours Logan, and sits back to digest his meal, but he didn't really account for Wolverine's healing factor, as Wolverine returns from the dead once again. When he does so, Logan literally slices his way out of the Hulk’s intestines, emerging in a shower of guts and viscera, and ending the menace of the Hulk once and for all.

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A Fitting End for Earth's Sole Superhero Survivor

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In What If? World War Hulk, a vengeful Hulk conquers the heroes of Earth and leaves them with only one option: they must try and kill him. Tony Stark calls for a tactical energy blast that he hopes will stop the Hulk, even if it destroys all of New York City. The strike fails and months later Vision finds a scarred Bruce Banner digging his own grave among the ruins of Manhattan, eagerly awaiting death by radiation poisoning.

Vision convinces Banner to become the Hulk once more so he can help beat back a nearly successful Skrull invasion. The Hulk rallies the remaining heroes to make one final push against the Skrulls. In this universe, the Wasp double crosses her allies and infects the remaining heroes with a virus that wipes them all out. Banner survives once again, living to see the full conquest of Earth and the enslavement of human kind. The Hulk summons Silver Surfer and demands that he bring Galactus to devour what is now the Skrull home-world in the name of justice. The Silver Surfer sadly grants his wish, and abandons the doomed planet in disgust. Now the lone survivor of an extinct planet, Hulk finally realizes he is cursed with immortality and moves forward as the grim herald of Galactus, in search of new worlds to devour.

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Hulk Gets His Neck Broken...By The Hulk

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In Hulk, Future Imperfect #2, the Hulk goes mad from a combination of radiation and grief and takes on the mantle of the Maestro, a giant green Caligula in an alternate future with Bruce Banner's intelligence and even more anger and rage than the Hulk. He rules his empire with a murderous iron fist and as a slave to lust and pride, he drives the downtrodden denizens of his kingdom to use ancient technology so he can move forward in time.

And that's when the two Hulks face off. The Hulk is young and cocky and strong, but Maestro knows what Hulk’s going to do before he does it, and eventually manages to get behind the him, where he snaps his neck like a chicken. Maestro tortures the completely helpless and immobile Hulk for over a year, knowing exactly what will hurt him the most.

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