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The 5 Most Violent Starbucks Incidents Ever

Updated November 6, 2017 8.5k views5 items

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The favorite coffee chain for caffeine addicts everyone has had it's fair share of violent moments and these crazy things that happened at Starbucks are glowing examples of what humanity can sink to without its morning cup of coffee. From drive-by shootings to robberies gone bad, violence at Starbucks stores is more common than you might imagine, and it's not even limited to the slingers of caffeine; violent incidents at McDonald's are even more common than Starbucks!

What are the craziest things that have ever happened at Starbucks? What are some violent things people have done without their coffee? There are certain people who fail to function without caffeine and others who just fail to function in life period, but this list of crazy stuff that happened at Starbucks seems to be a combination. Make sure to vote up the incident you think is the weirdest act of violence ever committed in a Starbucks.

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