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The 15 Most Violent Moments From 'Hunter x Hunter'

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On the surface, Hunter x Hunter is a typical shonen anime about a chirpy, optimistic 11-year-old boy in search of his father. But don't let that seemingly innocent premise fool you. Fans of the series know just how dark and disturbing Hunter x Hunter can be. Part of what makes this series so intriguing and unconventional is how it's not afraid to go into darker territory and shock you with its violence. Some of the most pivotal moments in the series are the most disturbing. And we've gathered them here on this list.

Which scenes made you squirm the most? Vote up the Hunter x Hunter moments that you think were the most brutal.

Warning: This list contains graphic content and spoilers. 

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    Meruem Eats A Little Girl After Killing Her Parents

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    When Meruem and the Royal Guards land in a village, they come across a family of three. Meruem nonchalantly kills the mom and dad and eats them right in front of the daughter. As if that's not bad enough, he then kills the traumatized child and eats her brain.

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    Neferpitou Probes Pokkle's Brain While He's Still Alive

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    After Pokkle is captured by the Chimera Ants, Neferpitou probes his brain in order to gain information about Nen. This is particularly disturbing as Pokkle is still alive while Neferpitou cruelly picks at his brain with giant needles. Pokkle is then butchered to death by Pig and prepared as food for the Chimera Ant Queen. 

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    Neferpitou Plays With Kite's Severed Head

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    While this scene isn't particularly gory nor violent, it deserves a place on this list for its disturbing image. Fans were devastated and shocked to see that Neferpitou killed Kite since their fight wasn't shown onscreen. Instead, the scene flashes to the next morning, and we see Neferpitou casually playing with Kite's decapitated head.

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    Yunju Stomps On His Human Pets, Spot And Rover 

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    The fact that Yunju enslaves humans and treats them as dogs is disturbing enough. But when Spot begs Gon and his group for help, Yunju suddenly crushes him to death with his hoof. Rover panics and begs like a dog so that his life is spared, but Yunju mercilessly kills him in the same way. 

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