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The 10 Most Violent Movie Theater Attacks

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Shootings are terrifying no matter where they take place, but there's something particularly scary when it happens during a movie, right when you're least suspecting it. Movie theater violence is rare, but that doesn't mean these events are any less meaningful, or interesting, in these cases.

These top ten most violent movie theater attacks are gruesome and downright scary, because they can happen to anyone, anywhere. Do violent movies make people more violent? That's still up for debate. You can check out what the New York Times had to say about it. They said that while people have been saying the two aren't link, new studies may suggest otherwise. 

Check out these ten most violent movie theater attacks, and stay safe. 
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    Opening Night Shootout, Notorious

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    I guess if there had to be a shootout at a movie, it would be at a movie like Notorious. Based on the life of rapper Notorious B.I.G. whose life was taken away by an unsolved drive-by shooting in Los Angeles and constantly in the throes of East Coast/West Coast rivalry, the movie opened to about 700 people at the Greensboro Movie Theater on January 16, 2009. But it wasn't just opening night for the theater, it was also an occasion for opening fire.

    At around 9 PM, while moviegoers were waiting to get in to the showing, a 32-year-old man was shot twice in the abdomen. It was caused by an argument, and everyone was evacuated (Biggie vs. Tupac, perhaps?).

    Dozens of police cars swarmed the location, and though the moviegoers couldn't see Notorious, they at least got a small dose of a "B.I.G." scene. Feel free to commence knee slapping at any moment now... aaaany minute now....
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    Stabbed with a Pen, Comic-Con 2010 Movie Panels

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    Though technically not a movie theater, but a convention hall where they show movies, a dude wearing a Harry Potter shirt stabbed another guy in the face with a pen over a seat for... wait for it... the movie Paul, a film starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost that isn't even directed by Edgar Wright.

    Hall H (notoriously known for being by far the most crowded section at Comic Con) at the 2010 Comic Con International Convention was supposed to be for a panel featuring actor Seth Rogen discussing the science-fiction comedy Paul, but instead it became residence for some nerd evil.

    Male #1 got up out of his seat for a moment, where he had been anxiously awaiting for the last Harry Potter panel of all time for hours, came back to find another guy sitting there instead. After refusing to get up out of his seat, Male #1 went apesh*t and stabbed the dude right under his eye with a pen. Thank goodness it wasn't the jugular, amirite?

    The victim was taken to the hospital with a minor cut, while the attacker was arrested and booked for assault with a deadly weapon. Yeah, you read that right. Deadly.

    Looks like the pen IS mightier...
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    Stabbed During a Stabbing Scene, The Signal

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    Imagine this. There's a bloody stabbing scene on the movie screen and you close your eyes for just a minute. When you open them, you find yourself as the one being stabbed, just like in Scream 2! (SO been done before.)

    No, it's not the latest advancement in 3D technology – it's a real-life horror story.

    The incident took place during the notoriously gruesome movie, The Signal. The Sundance 2007 horror hit is known for its many death and killing scenes, but none could have been as palpable as the stabbing scene executed by a male on two patrons at around 7:30 PM at the Fullerton AMC Theater in Orange County, California (where people take their films very, VERY seriously).

    With only two other watchers in the theater with him, the guy with the description of 20s, black spikey hair, and 5'10" stabbed one man in the arm and the other in the chest, which later punctured his lung.

    Both victims survived, but I don't suppose the two people will own the movie on Blu-Ray any time soon, but hey, probably free movies for life at that theatre.
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    Stabbed by a Security Guard, My Bloody Valentine 3D

    Another violent outburst around the screening of a horror movie, this time My Bloody Valentine 3-D. However, this stabbing (yes, it's another stabbing – apparently these people really like to keep things traditional) on January 18, 2009, took place after the movie ended and not at the hands of crazy moviegoers, but at the hands of a crazy security guard. Where's your God now?

    When Guard Richard Singh, 24, told moviegoers to exit the New York theater after the screening and a 16-year-old boy refused so that he could wait inside for a ride home. The guard, probably sick of people his age making fun of him, and the boy got into a shoving match.

    One thing led to another, and Singh took out a folding knife and stabbed the boy in the stomach for the win.

    Problem so not solved. The boy received six stitches to close his wound, and Singh was charged with second-degree assault as well as the title of Pathetic Loser. No word on whether the guard was fired or not, because there's nothing more annoying than a 16-year-old kid with a sense of entitlement at a movie theatre.