The Best Celebrities to Team With During the Zombie Apocalypse

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All the celebs on this list have mad skills that will help you survive a zombie apocalypse - vote up the celebs you'd most want to join your warrior crew of zombie slayers.

Building the A-team during the zombie apocalypse is crucial to survival. We've listed the absolute best celebrities you should be joining forces with when the going gets tough and undead get going.

Zombie apocalypses can be so darn unpredictable! All that stuff you see on "Walking Dead," that's nothing compared to a real zombie apocalypse. For the real thing, you need a celeb that really knows how to handle their ish in a life-or-death situation. For effective butt-kickng, Woody Harrelson's got a stellar zombie slaying resume via his turn in Zombieland. For survival, Bear Grylls knows how to use a sheep corpse as a sleeping bag (comes in handy!). Quick emergency getaway? Harrison Ford's got you covered, as he knows how to fly a helicopter. This list is chock full of celebs who would be ideal warriors to join you in your quest for survival as zombies come and TRY to take over our precious Mother Earth. Bring it, Zombies!

These celebrities will cover all of your bases and then some, keeping you safe, happy, and healthy after the destruction of mankind and our world as we know it. Vote up the celebrity you'd most want to team up with during a zombie apocalypse.