The Most Watched Netflix Original Series Of 2019, Ranked By Viewers

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Netflix has nearly 158 million subscribers worldwide, suggesting the streaming service has found a sustainable way to successfully make entertaining television accessible to a diverse audience. It's therefore reasonable to assume that the most popular Netflix original series of 2019 is a watchworthy show.

According to the New York Times, the most watched Netflix original series between October 2018 and October 2019 is the sci-fi drama Stranger Things, with 64 million views. The runners-up include everything from the superhero family series The Umbrella Academy to the notable science doc Our Planet to the Spanish mystery Élite. 

The most viewed original series on Netflix in 2019 are judged according to subscribers who watched at least 70 percent of the show. The best Netflix originals, however, might not be the most watched Netflix original series in 2019. 2017's Mindhunter and four seasons of Black Mirror prove that engaging concepts aren't just limited to shows with the most views. However, a few of the most watched Netflix originals in 2019 still do overlap with the most watchworthy concepts.