15 People Share How Their Mother-In-Laws Ruined Weddings To Prepare You For The Worst

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Vote up the MIL-Zilla stories you want to avoid repeating on your big day.

We all know the Bridezilla and Groomzilla stereotypes, but what about those meddling in-laws? These Redditors are sharing their nightmare mother-in-law stories so you know what to expect when getting married. Vote up the worst stories that would have you considering eloping.

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    She Held Up The Makeup Artist And Stood In Front Of Everyone In Photos

    From Redditor u/cooking_noob:

    She purchased ugly *ss fake hair that she tried to get my makeup person to help her put on (luckily she refused). But she kept coming in for touch-ups and making me wait.

    Also, the majority of my photos, when we got them back, have her standing in front of everyone. As in every one would be lined up facing the same direction and she would be sort of in front of it all.

    Ughhh we have been married for over 4 years and thinking about all these still makes my blood boil!!

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    She Tried To Dictate What Other Guests Could Wear And Was Rude To The Waitstaff

    From Redditor u/curiouslilac:

    My brother's MIL called my Mum and asked her what color dress she was wearing to the wedding as well as myself and my two sisters. She proceeded to tell my mother what colors were not suitable for us 3 girls to wear as they 'wouldn't look good' in the group photos. She also didn't want to be in the same color dress as my Mum. She told my Mum she was wearing a deep purple dress and Mum said she was wearing blue. Yep, you guessed it she turned up in a blue dress. My Mum just looked at us when she saw her like WTF. She was also extremely rude to the waitstaff to the point we had to apologize to them as we felt terrible and embarrassed.

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    They Were Outraged That The Rehearsal Venue Didn't Have Tablecloths

    From Redditor u/steggo:

    She missed the rehearsal completely because she and my father-in-law got lost?

    She flipped out because the place we wanted to have our rehearsal dinner (the only thing we let her pay for) was a pub typesetting and didn't even have tablecloths!

    We had a very DIY wedding. Due to a variety of factors, my runners and chair sashes arrived only a day or two before the wedding and needed to be ironed on the day. My man of honor was ironing and she approached him to take over and asked how to do it. At that point, I was on to something else, but moments later, she started yelling at him for telling her what to do.

    At the ceremony, despite us mentioning REPEATEDLY not to take pictures and it being in the program, she was the only person to take pictures during the ceremony. I have never seen these pictures.

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    She Paid For The Rehearsal Dinner And Spent More On Her Family

    From Redditor u/coconutmeringuepie:

    She hosted and paid for the rehearsal dinner only because she wanted a specific restaurant that was nicer than what my husband and I could afford. She invited my immediate family and her extended family so they had three tables to our one. The food was served family style and it was obvious she spent more for her family. She claims it was just to accommodate our American palates, but it was like we had spaghetti and meatballs while they had lobster ravioli (they're not Italian just an example)

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    She Rush Ordered A Full-Length Ball Gown To Wear To The Wedding

    From Redditor u/sdeflor2:

    We had a nice Sunday afternoon wedding. She pestered me for months asking me what she should wear (I don't know, something nice?) I kept suggesting dresses (simple, nothing fancy) and after 6 months she put in a rush order for a full-length ball gown...

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    She Confused The Photographer And Ruined The Wedding Photos

    From Redditor u/runergaltx:

    The in-laws literally paid nothing for the wedding, besides MILs dress but she wanted input on songs at the reception (she only got input on the mother/son dance) and then griped about how much they were out. Oh and she also tried to direct pictures after the wedding and confused the photographer so I didn't get a pic of the entire wedding party together.

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