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Mother! movie quotes provide the dialogue for the psychological horror film about a happy couple who deal with interesting visitors to their home. Darren Aronofsky wrote and directed the movie, which competed at the 74th Venice International Film Festival. Mother! opened theatrically in the United States on September 5, 2017.

In Mother!, Him (Javier Bardem) and Mother (Jennifer Lawrence) live happily in their renovated home where acclaimed author Him struggles to write. One day, Man shows up at their door and asks to stay in one of their rooms. Mother is a bit confused why Him allows a stranger into their home, but goes along with it anyway.

Some time later, Woman, Man's wife, shows up with plans to stay with Man in Him and Mother's home. Mother remains agreeable, but soon grows tired of her house guests. Unfortunately, only more guests arrive, including the Man and Woman's sons and others. This leads Mother to a place of great frustration, one that is only worsened by unsettling visualizations inside the home. 

Mother! was just one of several talked-about movies of 2017 alongside the likes of Wind River, What Happened to Monday, Logan Lucky, and The Hitman's Bodyguard.  

  • She Redid All of It
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    She Redid All of It

    Mother: We spend all our time here. I want to make a paradise.
    Him: She redid all of it, every last detail. Well, she breathed life back into every room.

    Mother and Him discuss the work Mother put into the home they share. Mother renovated the entire home as it seriously needed it.

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  • Get Out of My House!
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    Get Out of My House!

    Mother: Get out of my house! Get out!

    Mother reaches her breaking point in this Mother! movie quote. She orders everyone out of her house as she's had enough of strangers invading her personal space. 

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  • Bring Life Into This House
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    Bring Life Into This House

    Him: All I’m trying to do is bring life into this house, open the door to new people, new ideas.

    Him tries to further explain why he keeps allowing strangers into the home he shares with Mother. He seeks to bring new life into the home to bring new people and new ideas.

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  • Are You Happy?
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    Are You Happy?

    Mother: Are you happy?
    Him: I love you.

    In these Mother! movie quotes, Mother and Him share pillow talk in bed. While he doesn't necessarily say he is happy, he does certainly admit to loving her. 

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  • They've Come Here to See Me
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    They've Come Here to See Me

    Him: They’ve come here to see me.
    Mother: You’re insane! You’re insane. 

    Mother continues to have trouble with the increasing number of people in her once-quiet home. And while Him explains that they're fans of his, Mother cannot comprehend what is happening.

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  • He's a Stranger
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    He's a Stranger

    Him: Please, come in.
    Man: Hello
    Mother: Hello
    Mother: He’s a stranger. We’re just going to let him sleep in our house?

    Mother is alarmed in these Mother! movie quotes when a strange man arrives at their home. Him allows the man to stay with them, something that Mother doesn't quite understand.

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