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What are the best  songs for mother/son dance? Watching a chid grow up and get married can be an emotional time, and mother/son dances can often be the pinnacle of that emotion for parents. That's why it's important for the groom to choose the perfect song that to honor his relationship with his mom. Many of those songs can also be used for a father/daughter dance, too.

What are the best songs for a mother/son dance? That's up to you to decide. This list is votable and rerankable. Vote up all of your favorites fora mother/son dance, and vote down the ones you can live without. Don't see a song that deserves a spot on this list? Be sure to add it.

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That’s What Mamas Do A song about mom just being mom and appreciating all she does.

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You’ll Be in My Heart A song that shows even though he's grown up, he'll always be in mom's heart.

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Don’t Blink Another perfect song about children growing up before our eyes.

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My Wish A song about good wishes for someone's future.  A perfect song for a mother to dance with her son to.

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Sweet Child of Mine A perfect song for a mom and son dance.

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Through the Years A retrospective song perfect for a mother-son dance.

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Forever Young Rod Stewart - A song that says mom will always remeber you as her little boy.

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Stand by Me Ben E. King - A classic sentimentl tune perfect for a dance with mom.

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Simple Man Lynyrd Skynyrd - A retrospective song about how mama riased her son.

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A Song for Mama Boyz II Men - A song dedicated to mom makes a great choice.

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Unforgettable Natalie Cole, Nat King Cole - Although its a father-daughter duet the song has taken on a family connotation.

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Never Alone A song that says mom will always be there.

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God Only Knows The Beach Boys - A song about a cherished yet difficult relationship.

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You Raise Me Up Josh Groban - A song that says a mother's love can lift you up.

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Like Jesus Does A song that says no one will love you quite like mom and jesus.

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In My Life The Beatles - The classic Beatles retrospective makes a for a great mother-son dance.

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Because You Loved Me Celine Dion, Diane Warren, Ricardo Caliente - A parent's love can be strong enough to help you achieve many things.

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Have I Told You Lately Rod Stewart - Sons probably don't say it enough so this one's for mom.

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You Are the Sunshine of My Life He'll always be the sunshine in her life. A perfect song for a mother-son dance.

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Find Your Wings A song about a love that can uplift.

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Over the Rainbow Another classic sentimental song perfect for a mother-son dance

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I Hope You Dance A song about wishig the best for your child's future.

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Loves Me Like a Rock Paul Simon - A song that says just how much mom loves you

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What a Wonderful World Another sentimental classic great for a mother-son dance.

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Letter to My Mother With a title like this, it's another obvious choice for a mother-son dance.

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Then They Do A song about children growing up too soon.

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Memories Another retrospective song that makes a great choice for this occasion.

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Wind Beneath My Wings A song about love lifting us up and making us strong.

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Love of My Life No doubt her little boy is the love of her life. Another great pick for a mother-son dance.

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Mama’s Song A song dedicated to mom makes an ideal choice for this occasion.

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He Gets That from Me Does he take after mom or dad? Probably mom says Reba McEntire.

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I’ll Always Love My Mama Of course an obvious choice given the title.

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You've Got a Friend James Taylor - This classic says that no matter how old you get, mom will always be there for you.

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Child of Mine Carole King - No matter how old you get you're always be her child.

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Thank You Mom A mother-son dance is the perfect time to say thank you for everything.

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The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Roberta Flack - It's likely mom still remembers how she felt the  first time she saw her baby boy's face. This song makes a perfect dance song for the occasion.

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Do I Make You Proud A question children often wonder about their parents.

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There You’ll Be A song about a love that's there no matter what, like the love of a parent.

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Kind and Generous Isn't mom always kind and generous? A perfect song to dance to.

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93 Million Miles Thirty Seconds to Mars - No matter how far apart you are, you'll always be family.

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Blessed Elton John provides a great backdrop for a mother-son dance.

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Sweet Baby James James Taylor, Carole King - A rock-a-bye lullaby to sweet baby james. Could be a great fit for mom to say goodbye to her little boy.

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Mom A song dedicated to mom makes a great choice for the occasion.

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Hero A song for his childhood hero.

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Sunrise, Sunset This Fiddler on the Roof song also tells of how quickly children grow up. In just a few sunrises and sunsets they're grown.

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Oh Very Young Yusuf Islam - A song about how quickly life passes us by.

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Ordinery Miracle Everything mom does for us is a kind of ordinary miracle.

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Moon Dance This Van Morrison classic makes a nice choice for a dance song.

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Bridge Over Troubled Water A perfect metaphor for mom's love and help. Always navigating us over those troubled waters.