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The Best Mother/Son First Dance Wedding Songs

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List RulesWhich songs do you think are the best for mother-son dances at weddings? Vote up all of your favorites.

What are the best  songs for mother/son dance? Watching a chid grow up and get married can be an emotional time, and mother/son dances can often be the pinnacle of that emotion for parents. That's why it's important for the groom to choose the perfect song that to honor his relationship with his mom. Many of those songs can also be used for a father/daughter dance, too.

What are the best songs for a mother/son dance? That's up to you to decide. This list is votable and rerankable. Vote up all of your favorites fora mother/son dance, and vote down the ones you can live without. Don't see a song that deserves a spot on this list? Be sure to add it.

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    A song about good wishes for someone's future.  A perfect song for a mother to dance with her son to.


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    A song that shows even though he's grown up, he'll always be in mom's heart.
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    The classic Beatles retrospective makes a for a great mother-son dance.

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    A song about mom just being mom and appreciating all she does.
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    A song that says mom will always remeber you as her little boy.

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    A perfect song for a mom and son dance.
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    A classic sentimentl tune perfect for a dance with mom.
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    Another perfect song about children growing up before our eyes.
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    A song about wishig the best for your child's future.


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    A retrospective song perfect for a mother-son dance.
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    A parent's love can be strong enough to help you achieve many things.

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    A song that says mom will always be there.


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    Does he take after mom or dad? Probably mom says Reba McEntire.
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    A retrospective song about how mama riased her son.

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    A song that says a mother's love can lift you up.
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    A song dedicated to mom makes a great choice.


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    Another sentimental classic great for a mother-son dance.
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    A song about a love that can uplift.
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    A song about a cherished yet difficult relationship.
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    Sons probably don't say it enough so this one's for mom.

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    A song that says just how much mom loves you

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    With a title like this, it's another obvious choice for a mother-son dance.
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    A song about children growing up too soon.


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    Another retrospective song that makes a great choice for this occasion.