7 Moments From The Season 2 Premiere of 'Motherland: Fort Salem' That Made Us Say 'WTF'

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Spoiler Warning: significant plot points from Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2, Episode 1 ahead.

"Motherland: Fort Salem" is one of those alternative history shows that goes beyond what-iffing whether the Third Reich won, JFK survived, you know the drill... and instead imagines what might have happened if once persecuted witches made a deal with the government 300 years ago to fight on its behalf against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Witches are real. Go with it.

Fusing fantastical witchcraft and lore into a sort of miliary YA thriller has helped Motherland build a following over the course of its COVID-era first season last year. But the Season 2 premiere offered up enough WTF moments to give us a clear indication that if you thought Season 1 was nuts, you ain't seen nothing yet. 

  • Tally is a Biddy No More
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    Tally is a Biddy No More

    Watching Tally putter around as an age-accelerated Biddy has certainly had its moments, but she was never properly prepared for the transition. So when General Alder gives her an out with a dangerous procedure that could reverse her back to a youthful Gen X-er, she reluctantly agrees. After all, with Raelle and Abigail alive, Tally isn't about to watch them bouncing around while she tags along using a walker. But the biggest WTF here might be the procedure itself, which apparently involves untangling some neuron-esque brainwaves shared among several witches and made for some interesting visuals.

  • The Worms... Not the Worms!
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    The Worms... Not the Worms!

    The newly de-Biddy-fied Tally won't be shaking her connection to General Alder any time soon, as she tosses and turns during a flashback-esque nightmare placing her in the scene of a Spree attack in the jungle from years ago. It starts out as a bad military situation, surrounded on all sides, but then things get significantly worse as giant caterpillar worms emerge from the ground beneath their feet and start attacking Tally and the other soldiers. Tally leaps out of bed, still trying to fight phantom worms as her friends calm her down, telling her it was just a dream. But when she lifts her shirt, we see sting marks that suggest otherwise. Definitely a good WTF moment to end the episode and set us off into Season 2.

  • Tally, Raelle and Abigail Make It Into War College
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    Tally, Raelle and Abigail Make It Into War College

    When Anacostia marches into the infirmary and demands that Tally, Raelle and Abigail hand over their medals, we're sure it's something bad. Very bad. They must be in serious trouble. But as it turns out, Abigail conjures up new markings indicating that they have, in fact, all made it into War College and will continue on their journeys to becoming full-fledged witch soldiers. 

  • Earthquake Sex
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    Earthquake Sex

    Sure, sex is great, but have you ever started an earthquake with it? No? You must be doing it wrong because Adil and Abigail apparently shook it better than AC/DC ever could in a forest by the lake. Even better is when her friends tease her later about literally moving mountains (or at least a couple tectonic plates). All we know is between this and Abigail's contribution to the "witchbomb," there's a whole lot of shaking going on this season.

  • The Camarillo Mean Business
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    The Camarillo Mean Business

    Raelle's mom Willa may be part of the rival Spree coven of witches who aren't down with the ancient military-witch alliance, but the ancient witch-hunting cabal The Camarillo wants to off all the witches, Spree and military-friendly ones alike. That became apparent when Willa shares with Scylla a horrific attack by the Camarillo against her and other Spree leaders at a restaurant. Willa was the only one to escape alive. The severity of how her friends perished was a definite WTF moment.

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    Penelope's Voice Melts the Glass

    So you thought you could sing? Well, sure... but can you melt a church's stained-glass window on national TV? Didn't think so. It turns out that Vice President Blanton Silver's daughter Penelope is a witch--because her deceased mom was a witch... but her mom didn't know she was a witch. So yeah, those kind of family machinations can definitely melt glass--and frankly, the ways those colors blended as the glass melted downward was very Salvador Dali cool. Even cooler is that Penelope's sudden witchy-ness (confirmed with a water-shaping vocal test later in the episode) just got her drafted into military service.