biker gangs

The Hierarchy Of A Motorcycle Gang

A bit of mystery surrounds any exclusive club or secret society. Biker gangs often operate in a distinctive, self-contained world, complete with specific functions, responsibilities, titles, and jargon. But the important roles in a motorcycle gang aren't in place only to confuse outsiders - there is a hierarchy ensuring all members are aware of what others expect of them. It's a matter of keeping everyone on the same page for the sake of running a well-oiled machine.  

Motorcycle clubs are nothing new. They date back as far as 1935, when the Outlaws Motorcycle Club lived by the motto of "God forgives, Outlaws don't." Though they were a belligerent group, this didn't stop their ranks from growing. With more than 1,700 members, the Outlaws MC are still an active group. They were known for their bitter rivalry with the infamous Hells Angels, a legendary motorcycle club that remains in operation today.