crime After Child Throws Rock At Motorcylist, Guy Speeds Back To Tear Into Kid  


A motorcyclist in the UK was motoring along through the countryside when he was suddenly pelted with rocks. This video captured from a camera mounted to the rider's helmet shows exactly what happened.

After swerving to avoid the unexpected pelt, the motorcyclists slows his bike and turns around, heading straight toward the red-hoodied youngster that flung the stones.

The kid seems to be totally intimidated--and rightly so--as the angered motorcyclist curses him out and tells him how dangerous it is to pull a stunt like this. He threatens the cost of repairing his bike, telling the kid that his "mum probably wouldn't like that, huh?"

Watch the video to see the kid get a cheeky earful...and hopefully learn his lesson to never interfere with the ways of the road.

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