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Graveyard Shift
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For Decades, Climbers Have Encountered Ghosts And Supernatural Phenomena On Mount Everest

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Mount Everest is plagued with supernatural phenomena, ghost sightings, and other unexplained occurrences. And rescue missions on the mountain are considered suicidal. Stranded hikers are sometimes left exposed to the elements so long that they don't survive; the mountain is like an open graveyard. Corpses are constantly abandoned or frozen in the snow. So it's no wonder that ghost sightings on Mount Everest are inevitable. It would almost be weirder if there weren't any at all.

Some of the scary tales about Mount Everest are obviously fake, but some have a ring of truth. At such high altitudes, it’s logical to explain some of these supernatural Mount Everest hauntings as simple hallucinations. A significant decrease in oxygen makes the brain conjure up some peculiar images.

But what if there’s some credence to these scary tales? What if something really is haunting the Himalayan mountain?

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