For Decades, Climbers Have Encountered Ghosts And Supernatural Phenomena On Mount Everest
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For Decades, Climbers Have Encountered Ghosts And Supernatural Phenomena On Mount Everest

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Mount Everest is plagued with supernatural phenomena, ghost sightings, and other unexplained occurrences. And rescue missions on the mountain are considered suicidal. Stranded hikers are sometimes left exposed to the elements so long that they don't survive; the mountain is like an open graveyard. Corpses are constantly abandoned or frozen in the snow. So it's no wonder that ghost sightings on Mount Everest are inevitable. It would almost be weirder if there weren't any at all.

Some of the scary tales about Mount Everest are obviously fake, but some have a ring of truth. At such high altitudes, it’s logical to explain some of these supernatural Mount Everest hauntings as simple hallucinations. A significant decrease in oxygen makes the brain conjure up some peculiar images.

But what if there’s some credence to these scary tales? What if something really is haunting the Himalayan mountain?

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    Spirits Of Dead Climbers Beg For Food

    Pemba Dorje, a Sherpa from Nepal, confessed to spotting “black shadows” during his 2004 ascent of Mount Everest. He noted:

    When I paused at a mound of rocks I saw some spirits in the form of black shadows coming towards me, stretching their hands and begging for something to eat.

    Dorje theorized that the shadows were perhaps spirits belonging to mountaineers killed during past climbs. His theory isn't too far-fetched because it’s sometimes tradition to leave a deceased climber’s body on the mountain as a form of respect.

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  • Unidentified Bodies Pop Up Left And Right
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    Unidentified Bodies Pop Up Left And Right

    Mount Everest is notorious for its corpses. People travel from all around the world to climb the Himalayan mountain, but not all of them survive the harsh conditions. There are avalanches, slippery slopes, and inclement temperatures that prove fatal. Unfortunately, many of the bodies continue to go unidentified. In fact, in 2017, four bodies were discovered in a tent on an Everest base camp. Analysts believed the campers passed away due to altitude sickness. The creepy kicker? None of the local climbing agencies reported any climbers missing.

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  • A Famous Corpse Serves As A Mascot For Passing Climbers
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    A Famous Corpse Serves As A Mascot For Passing Climbers

    While Mount Everest hosts hundreds of corpses, there is one corpse, in particular, everybody seems to talk about. The deceased man is known as "Green Boots," but his real name may be Tsewang Paljor. The body is now a landmark on the main northeast ridge route of the mountain. In death, Green Boots has become a guide for the living.

    Creepily enough, passing climbers occasionally pose with the body and take pictures with it. And David Sharp, a fellow mountaineer, famously died of hypothermia right next to Green Boots’s body.

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  • Some Ghosts Possess Local Villagers
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    Some Ghosts Possess Local Villagers

    Mohan Singh, a resident of a Bemni (a local Himalayan village), reportedly encountered a strange man outside his home one day while chopping wood during the winter months of 2009. The sky turned black and the stranger demanded to know why Singh was cutting the trees. Then he reached for Singh’s shirt, but the stranger's fingers went right through Singh's body – just like a ghost’s fingers might. Also throughout the altercation, the stranger’s body continuously changed sizes, growing up to nine-feet tall then suddenly shrinking to the height of a chicken.

    After escaping the strange man, Singh found himself with an intense fever. He believed the only way to resolve the fever was to slaughter a goat during a special exorcism ceremony arranged by a Hindu priest.

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  • Strange Flying Objects Stalk The Climbers
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    Strange Flying Objects Stalk The Climbers

    In June 1933, Frank Smythe suddenly sensed he wasn't alone as he descended from one of Mount Everest’s notorious death zones. During a break from the arduous journey, he encountered the presence of a man. Smythe divided his mint cake and attempted to share half of it with a phantom companion. Some time later, Smythe discovered two dark, bulbous objects hovering above him. He described one of the objects as having “squat, underdeveloped wings” while the other possessed a “beak-like protuberance like the spout of a teakettle.” The inexplicable objects remained pulsating over him until eventually disappearing in a passing mist.

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  • Yetis Wander Amok
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    Yetis Wander Amok

    Arguably the best evidence of real Yetis actually comes from photographs of numerous large footprints found in snow on Mount Everest. Some of the photos were snapped by Himalayan mountaineer Eric Shipton and he shared:

    It was on one of the glaciers of the Menlung basin, at a height of about 19,000 feet, that, late one afternoon, we came across those curious footprints in the snow... We did not follow them further than was convenient, a mile or so, for we were carrying heavy loads at the time, and besides we had reached a particularly interesting stage in the exploration of the basin... These particular ones seemed to be very fresh, probably not more than 24 hours old... [We] had no doubt whatever that the creatures (for there had been at least two) that had made the tracks were ‘Yetis’ or ‘wild men.'

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