Movie And TV Casts That Got Tattoos Together

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Actors who work on film or television sets together often become good friends, which has lead to an impressive number of stars who got tattoos together. Film sets can serve as bonding experiences for actors, as big-budget productions involve countless long, grueling hours. Additionally, when a TV show manages to stay on the air for multiple seasons, a lot of the actors wind up spending years with their “television family,” and tattoos are a great way for them to commemorate the end of a popular series. 

Viggo Mortenson and Elijah Wood are great examples of celebrities with the same tattoos; the duo went along with seven other cast members from The Fellowship of the Ring to get matching tattoos of the Elvish word for "nine." The casts of Suicide Squad and Mad Max: Fury Road also decided to get matching tattoos, and the former even skipped the tattoo parlor to do the actual inking themselves. Whatever the actors' reasoning is, you can be sure that movie and TV casts with matching tattoos are having a good time. 

  • In May 2018, Robert Downey Jr. revealed in an Entertainment Weekly interview that five of the six original Avengers got matching tattoos. Scarlett Johansson came up with the idea, which was a slightly modified version of the Avengers original logo. The one hold out was Mark Ruffalo, who opted out of getting inked. 

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    During the 2001 London premiere for The Fellowship of the Ring, the cast revealed that nine actors had gotten matching tattoos. Elijah Wood, who played Frodo, talked about the reasoning behind the matching ink: "We felt the experience was both wonderful enough and profound enough to have ourselves branded, so we went ahead and did that about a week before we finished."

    Viggo Mortenson, who played Aragorn, discussed the choice to ink "nine" in Elvish on each cast member:

    "We all got the same one — the word 'nine' in Elvish — because that's what we are, nine. I visited the tattooist a couple times, showed him the drawing and stuff. I didn't say anything about Ian McKellen or whoever may be coming in. He just did it. We did all meet one morning and it was an interesting event, and I enjoyed it. Half a day. Actually everyone showed up. It goes along with all the other scars we got!"

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    Maise Williams and Sophie Turner, who play the Stark sisters on HBO's epic drama The Game of Thrones, got matching tattoos in 2016. The off-camera pals each got the date "07.08.09" permanently inked on their bodies.

    "She's one of my best friends in the whole world," Williams, who plays Arya Stark, revealed. "We got matching tattoos. That's the date that we both heard we got Game of Thrones on."

    "We always kind of said we want matching [tattoos]," Turner said. "The date was always really significant... and then with Thrones we were always planning from season one, like if we could make it all the way through, hopefully we could all get a matching thing."

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    The cast of Pretty Little Liars hit the tattoo parlor in 2016 to commemorate the final season of the beloved drama. Actors Shay Mitchell, Janel Parrish, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Sasha Pieterse, and Troian Bellisario all showed up at a West Hollywood tattoo parlor after their final day of shooting, and each actor got a tattoo of their character's first initial on their "shhh finger."

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  • In order to commemorate the end of the Emmy award winning drama Breaking Bad, the show's stars, Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston, got inked by one of the show's set decorators, who also happened to be a tattoo artist.

    Cranston explained the reasoning behind getting the Breaking Bad logo tattooed on his right finger: "I wanted something... something that would give me private personal pleasure, like when I pass by and catch a glimpse of a picture of my mom, or my old manager people who are gone now."

    Aaron Paul got the words "no half measures" tattooed on his bicep. The tat pays homage to a Season 3 episode of the same name.
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    Netflix's 13 Reasons Why centers on the factors that pushed Hannah Baker to commit suicide. In 2017, Selena Gomez — who served as executive producer on the series — accompanied cast members Alisha Boe and Tommy Dorfman to get matching semicolon tattoos. Since the show's release, the semicolon has become a symbol in the fight against depression, and the group Project Semicolon has been founded to help spread awareness. Regarding their mission, a spokesperson from the group said, "it's a movement dedicated to presenting hope & love to those who struggle with mental illness, suicide, addiction & self-injury."

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