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All The Ways Your Childhood TV And Movie Heroes Actually Taught You Horrible Life Lessons

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Your parents might have been annoying as they constantly espoused their beliefs about the negative impact of movies and TV shows on children, but that doesn't mean they were wrong. Even Disney movies set bad examples - for example, Tangled is full of terrible lessons about how young girls should calculate their self-worth - but Disney is not the only source of negative ideals. There are a lot of horrible lessons from kids' movies and shows that were promoted and encouraged over the years.

On top of that, there are probably quite a few plain old bad habits picked up from TV shows you shouldn't have been watching as a kid. Sometimes, the lessons are so positively portrayed that you don't even notice how problematic they are for years afterward. Here are a number of movies and shows everyone was watching as kids that put certain characters on a heroic pedestal even if they had some seriously problematic traits. Vote up the worst lessons you learned from watching movies and television as a kid, then go unlearn those habits!