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15 Real Movie And TV Props You Can Buy

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When movies become beloved over time, they go into the ether, becoming some combination of Netflix-server 1's and 0's, millions of DVDs and Blu-rays, reels of celluloid packed in vaults, and human memories, all of which add up to something that transcends physicality. A movie isn't in one place; it's just "out there."

Yet movies were of course made with physical objects, and those objects can lie around for decades after the film has seeped into the cultural consciousness. Thanks to sites like eBay and PropStore, it's easier than ever for people without Hollywood connections to get their hands on a little piece of movie immortality. This stuff isn't free, but sometimes you can acquire something really cool for less than you'd expect. A key term of art to check for is "screen used" - that indicates the prop for sale actually ended up in the final film.

(Note: these are live listings, so some of them might get snapped up. Prices are also subject to change at the discretion of the sellers.)

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    T-1000 Shotgun Wounds From 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day': $2,000

    The chilling scenes of the T-1000 suffering - and recovering from - gunshot wounds that should be lethal were done with a combination of practical effects and CGI. Here are some of the practical bits.

    See the listing here.

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    A Sarcophagus From 'National Treasure': $2,409

    Photo: eBay / Buena Vista Pictures

    Treasure-hunt movies like National Treasure (or the Indiana Jones films) require a lot of cool props to lurk in the background and at the edges of frames while the heroes go about their business. Here's one of them.

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    Captain Hook's Globe From 'Peter Pan' (2003): $3,250

    Although this pirate-era globe is a beautiful prop, its practical utility is somewhat limited. Best not use it as reference for a grade-school geography class.

    See the listing here.

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    An Animatronic Head From 'Ghoulies': $2,500

    Photo: eBay / Empire Pictures

    One of the joys of schlocky '80s horror movies is watching all the latex work, animatronics, and other practical tricks, before CGI became the go-to visual effects solution. Truly, they don't make 'em like they used to.

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