17 Characters With Groan-Worthy, Yet Applause-Worthy, Pun Names

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A pun is like a little puzzle. When your brain first hears or reads it, it scrambles to figure out the joke. When the puzzle is solved, you'll either groan and roll your eyes, or laugh, and search for an opportunity to drop it into your next dinner party conversation. Writers work hard to artfully convey the symbolism of their characters, and sometimes they end up with very obvious, eye-roll worthy puns that, if nothing else, serve to keep us entertained. Some films are so cartoonish that the pun name feels appropriate and fun, other times, it's a trite placeholder that somehow slipped through the cracks.

Regardless of whether you're pro-pun or anti-pun, we can all appreciate the inventiveness of a successfully punchy pun name. Especially when the alternative is a ludicrous secret name, or John