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13 Movie Scenes Where Characters Literally Beat Themselves Up

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Is there any better sign of commitment from an actor than watching them beat themselves up? This kind of on-screen self-harm can happen in a variety of ways, and they're all a treat to the senses. Actors like Jim Carrey and Bruce Campbell are brilliant at literally fighting themselves, but through digital technology, smart camerawork, or the simplicity of a mask, actors of all stripes are able to beat themselves black and blue.

In this case, let's look at characters who literally fought themselves - not actors who fought themselves when they were playing two characters. This is strictly character-on-character violence. Not every scene where a character beats themselves up is created equally, and not every character is a worthy opponent for themselves. That being said, some of the folks collected here are truly amazing at giving themselves a whooping.

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  • Fletcher Reede has been cursed to tell the truth no matter what, which is a drag because he's a lawyer defending a cheating wife in a high-profile court case. Fletcher needs to win the case to raise his status, but he can't lie to do it - even though that's the only way he's going to win.

    To buy himself some time in the middle of the case, Fletcher requests a bathroom break to give himself a little time to think. His idea? After smacking his head against the marble wall of the bathroom, he decides to beat the tar out of himself. This includes smashing his head with the toilet seat, dumping trash on himself, and punching himself in the face hard enough to give himself a concussion.

    The entire scene is one of the greatest scenes of physical comedy in the '90s, and it shows why Jim Carrey was the guy for about five years running.

  • After his hand is bitten by a deadite, Ash has two choices: get that sucker off, or become possessed by some kind of other-dimensional hell creature. Initially, Ash tries to wash the possession away, but his hand stops all of that nonsense when it starts smashing plates over his head and dragging him around the kitchen.

    The fight is pretty much one-sided for the hand up until it decides to inch toward a butcher's knife. Ash surprises his hand by pinning it into the floor with a kitchen knife and then straight-up excising it from his life with a chainsaw. Just like everything else about Evil Dead II, this scene 100% slaps.

  • He is Jack's smirking revenge... but he's also up for review at his boring insurance job for being late, lazy, and way too knowledgeable about the underhanded nature of the business. When the narrator's boss threatens to fire him, the narrator offers his boss the chance to keep him on the payroll as a way to buy his silence.

    When that doesn't work, the narrator punches himself in the face, throws himself through a glass table and into a glass shelf, all while screaming for help. Is it bonkers? Absolutely. But it's also a way to make sure his former boss pays him off to stay out of the way while making sure Fight Club is running every night of the week.

  • In Me, Myself & Irene, Charlie Baileygates is a meek Rhode Island state trooper who develops a split personality named Hank after years of torment and abuse. Hank is rude, crude, and legitimately violent. After both Hank and Charlie develop a crush on the same woman, Irene, they begin to mistreat one another via increasingly aggressive means.

    Things come to a head after Hank pretends to be Charlie in order to sleep with Irene. Charlie wants to go mano a mano with his split personality, so Hank gives him what he wants. Hank trips Charlie, knocking him to the cement before choking him in front of a group of bystanders who have no idea what's going on. Charlie proceeds to break Hank's (and thus his own) finger before making Hank apologize, but it's all a ruse by the nasty personality. 

    Hank forces Charlie to expose himself before grabbing Charlie by the back of the hair and flipping him onto the ground. Then Hank pulls Charlie through a plate glass window before hocking a loogie and spitting it on his own face. It's gross, yet impressive.