15 Movie Characters Who Literally Came Back From The Dead

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One of the great things about the cinema is that death is only permanent if the story calls for it. Anyone who dies on-screen can come back to life at any time thanks to magic, faith, science, or just because. As much as it may sound like a cheat, there are dozens of characters from movies who died and returned to life through various means.

On-screen revivals can feel cheap if they're done incorrectly, but sometimes a character has to return for the sake of the story. For instance, if the main character of a movie dies somewhere in the second act, you can rest assured they'll be on their feet by the time the credits roll.

None of the revived characters included here were brought back through cloning - these returns from the grave are all (okay, mostly) natural. Vote up the characters who made the most of their second life.

  • Everyone From The Snap - 'Avengers: Infinity War' And 'Avengers: Endgame'
    Photo: Avengers: Infinity War / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    With a confirmed 3,797,000,000 people on Earth getting snapped out of existence at the end of Infinity War, it would be ridiculous to list everyone who eats it in this MCU death-a-thon. Thanos's decision sweeps away everyone from heavy hitters like Spider-Man and Doctor Strange to Aunt May, Yelena Belova, and billions of regular people. It's wild.

    If you somehow missed out on one of the biggest theater-going experiences of the 2010s, Infinity War is the culmination of a decade of films that follow the collection of a series of gems that fit into the Infinity Gauntlet, giving the wearer the power to do whatever they want. When Thanos the Mad Titan puts everything together, he uses his power to wipe out half of the universe in order to help save resources with a single snap of his fingers.

    Everyone who was snapped out of existence returns five years later following a last-ditch effort made by the remaining Avengers to travel through time and put together their own version of the Infinity Gauntlet. Bruce Banner wields the new version of the glove because he's the only person who can handle the immense amount of radiation that it puts off; he reverses Thanos's snap and brings back everyone - all 3,797,000,000 people - in an instant. 

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  • Westley is an all-around good guy and swashbuckling hero, but that doesn't mean he can avoid death by pseudo-scientific means. After he's captured by Prince Humperdinck and the Six-Fingered Man, he's locked up in the latter's "Pit of Despair," where he becomes a guinea pig for his captor's death machine. The machine seems to work by literally draining the life out of the victim, but it's not really important how it works. What's important is that Westley is dead.

    Or rather, Westley is mostly dead. After he's rescued by former baddies Inigo Montoya and Fezzik, he's brought to a healer named Miracle Max, who feeds Westley a giant pill slathered in chocolate coating. It takes a while for the pill to kick in, and even when it does, Westley's muscles don't react immediately. In fact, for much of the third act, he has to be carried around a castle mid-siege.

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  • Trinity - 'The Matrix Revolutions' And 'The Matrix Resurrections'
    Photo: The Matrix Revolutions / Warner Bros.

    Nothing that happens in The Matrix would have gone down if it weren't for Trinity. She finds Neo, convinces him he's the One, and even plays a part in pushing Neo to work with the machines to save everyone inside and out of their control in The Matrix Revolutions. Neo and Trinity realize that Agent Smith has taken human form and that he wants to take over both the Matrix and the real world, so they take a ship to Machine City to plead their case to their robot overlords without realizing that Smith (in the form of Bane) is hiding on board.

    Trinity perishes when the ship she's piloting crashes into a building on Machine City, impaling her with electrical cables. She and Neo are both taken by the machines, reconstructed, and placed back into the Matrix, albeit with their memories wiped. When the audience meets Trinity in The Matrix Resurrections, she's been renamed Tiffany, and she's a housewife with a couple of kids and a serious case of amnesia.

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  • Superman - 'Batman v Superman' And 'Justice League'
    Photo: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice / Warner Bros. Pictures

    How do you kill a god? That's the question at the heart of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Throughout the film, Batman sees the last son of Krypton as a menace that needs to be destroyed, so he develops a Kryptonite spear and goes on a Superman hunt that ends when the Dark Knight realizes that both of their mothers are named Martha. Crisis averted. Or at least it is until Doomsday (a creature made from the combined DNA of Lex Luthor and General Zod) is released on Metropolis. After a lengthy battle that involves Batman and Wonder Woman, Superman finally takes out Doomsday with the Kryptonite spear, but in doing so he also falls victim to the power of the green crystal.

    Superman is laid to rest in Smallville and that's that until an alien named Steppenwolf shows up to try and take over the world now that the Mother Boxes (items that can act as various types of energy sources) that he left on Earth thousands of years ago have come to life. Batman and the rest of the Justice League decide to use the Mother Box in their possession to bring Superman back to life. They exhume his body and place it in a medical chamber inside of a downed Kryptonian ship before activiating the Mother Box. Clark returns to life but has no idea who anyone is and immediately wrecks shop on his superhero pals. They finally get him under control, but not without some help from Lois Lane.

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    Alex Murphy - 'RoboCop'

    Officer Alex Murphy is one of the best cops on the Detroit police force, but when he's transferred to Metro West, he has no idea what kind of trouble he's in for. His first task on this new beat is to track down Clarence Boddicker and his criminal crew. Murphy and his partner track Boddicker and his boys to a warehouse where Murphy is absolutely riddled with bullets. His body is basically turned to mush, leaving him nothing more than a brain and a carcass.

    Murphy's remains are collected by Omni Consumer Products and transformed into a part-cyborg, part-human police officer, or a robot cop if you prefer. Murphy only retains pieces of his humanity, and he's only able to jog his memory once he visits his former home. Unfortunately, he's more robot than man by the end of the film.

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  • It's up for debate as to whether or not Selina Kyle actually perishes in Batman Returns, but it's worth investigating, because if this character did die it could be proof that she has nine lives. When the film begins, Selina is the mousy secretary of Max Schreck, a Gotham City industrialist with designs on building a giant power plant to aid the city. When Selina discovers that Schreck's power plant is actually going to drain power from Gotham, he throws her out a window to her death. Or maybe her near-death? Whatever the case, she's revived by a swarm of cats who literally rub off on her.

    Did she perish in that instance or was she simply knocked unconscious? Even if Selina isn't deceased, this is certainly a metaphorical death because the person who wakes up is Catwoman. That's not the only time Selina Kyle maybe dies. At the end of the film, she gets her revenge on Schreck by grabbing him by the tie and giving him a big kiss while shoving a taser in his mouth. They're both electrocuted and shown lifeless on the ground in the Penguin's lair. 

    Between the lethal kiss and the final moments of the film, Selina comes back from the (nearly?) dead and makes her way back to the rooftops of Gotham City.

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