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Movie Characters Who Said "I Love You" Way, Way Too Quickly, Ranked By How Fast They Said It

Updated 5 Jun 2018 26.4k views20 items

Films are often designed to be an escape, so it makes sense cinematic courtships gloss over some of the more grounded aspects of dating. There are some unrealistic relationships on film, however, that go beyond ruining the suspension of disbelief for audiences. The characters fall in love too quickly – like way too quickly. 

Even some of the best romantic comedies of all time feature someone confessing their love for another within a week of meeting. And you might think such a trope would be limited to rom-coms, but that's absolutely not the case; a multitude of other genres offer prime examples of their own. It's one of those ubiquitous flaws in entertainment like poor characters living way above their means or any character who manages to hold a fully loaded coffee carrier in one hand without spilling. 

People shouldn't try to model their romantic lives off of whirlwind rom-com relationships, but they especially shouldn't try to emulate these movie characters who said "I love you" – or professed their love in any other manner – way too quickly.

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