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14 Characters Who Got More Powerful After Losing Limbs

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One of the most exciting twists a film can throw at us is the upgrade. That's when a character loses a limb and has it replaced with something even better than what was taken from them. Whether they get a hook, a mechanical hand, a machine-gun leg, or an entire robot body, these characters all become much more powerful than they were prior to their loss.

The upgrade happens with heroes and villains alike. For protagonists, losing a limb and gaining a new prosthetic helps turn them into the hero they were always meant to be. For many villains who have a body part replaced with a superior piece of machinery, the new limb says something about who they really are.

Each of the characters profiled here lost an important part of their physicality, but with the addition of a prosthetic or mechanical limb, they've become all the more powerful. Remember to vote up your favorite upgraded characters.

  • Photo: Captain America: The Winter Soldier / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    The Limb: His entire left arm

    How'd He Lose It? Bucky lost his arm in a fall from the Schnellzug EB912 train carrying Arnim Zola. It's unclear if he lost his arm in the fall, or due to the impact of his landing.

    The Replacement: Hydra replaced Bucky's arm with a robotic prosthetic that has since been replaced with a vibranium arm after his lengthy stay in Wakanda.

    How'd He Use It? Bucky's early bionic arm gave him a strength advantage over pretty much every one of his assassination targets, although its weight left him with the gait of a clunky Universal Monster. The arm doesn't just give Bucky extra strength; it also helps with his aim and overall stability while firing a weapon. On top of those additions, the arm acts as a kind of shield - it can take damage without causing actual harm to Bucky's body.

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  • Photo: Evil Dead II / De Laurentis Entertainment Group

    The Limb: His right hand

    How'd He Lose It? After his Deadite girlfriend Linda bites his hand, it becomes infected by an evil presence. Slow to spread to the rest of his body, the hand goes to war with Ash. It smashes plates over his head and just does an all-around bang-up job of beating him up. That is, until Ash jabs a small knife through his hand, pinning it to the floor before he chops it off with a chainsaw.

    The Replacement: The very chainsaw that he used to cut off his hand.

    How'd He Use It? With the aid of his new chainsaw hand, Ash becomes a lean, mean Deadite-killing machine. He slashes his way through a group of demons before going back in time and replacing the chainsaw with a seriously intense metal glove that can easily crush a solid metal chalice.

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  • Photo: Return of the Jedi / 20th Century Fox

    The Limb: His main squeeze, the right hand

    How’d He Lose It? While dueling with Darth Vader in an industrial section of Cloud City, Luke's hand goes flying after one swift lightsaber chop from his father. Some call it tough love, others call it "attempted filicide."

    The Replacement: The L-Hand 980, a mechanical prosthetic that has since been discontinued.

    How’d He Use It? Luke more or less just uses his new hand like he would have used his old, non-robotic hand. However, the new prosthetic does serve as a way for Luke to become closer to his father while making him look super cool.

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    Photo: Kingsman: The Secret Service / 20th Century Fox

    The Limb: Her legs

    How'd She Lose Them? This is a mystery for the ages. She never explains how she lost the legs or when they were replaced, and no one ever asks.

    The Replacement: Prosthetic leg blades that look like the murderous lovechild of a recumbent bike and a pair of ice skates. They rock.

    How'd She Use Them? Aside from walking, running, and general parkouring, Gazelle uses her prosthetics to slice people in half, cut off limbs, and stab people straight through the head. From what anyone can surmise, she was already a skilled fighter, but the blade-lined prosthetics have helped her become more agile and incredibly dangerous.

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