Beloved Movie Characters Who Should Make a Comeback

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Iconic characters from movies that haven't been seen on the big screen for a while.

What beloved and iconic movie characters would you like to see make their long-awaited return to the big screen? There are many classic film characters that have been absent from theaters for too long. Great movie characters like Rocky Balboa and Max Rockatansky returned triumphantly in 2015, but there are plenty other names that frequently top best movie character lists who are ready for a reboot, and below you can vote up those you'd like to see.

When considering which iconic characters you want to see again, think about their longevity, depth, and personality, along with the stories they were involved in, and how they might fit in modern films. Would you like to see the Dude take on the 21st century? How much would you love to see Lando reunite with Chewie in the next Star Wars film?

Of the iconic movie characters below, vote up those you would like to see return to the big screen, whether played by the same actors from the original films or by a new star.