15 Movie Characters Who Have A Bounty On Their Head

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There's nothing cooler than a character with a bounty on their head. Whether they're heroes, villains, or something in between, when a character is on the run with a price hanging over them, it's always going to be fun to watch.

Bounties vary from film to film. Some are cold, hard cash, but others are as serious as a character's life. The following movie characters are all wanted for different reasons. Some of them are legit bad guys who need to be brought in before their reign of mayhem continues. But just as many of these characters are caught on the wrong side of the law and simply trying to clear their name. 

Which one of these main movie characters is worth the price of their bounty, and which character is severely overpriced?

  • Who Is It? This agent of chaos and scourge of Gotham City changes the way crime is conducted in the scummiest town in the DC Universe when he pops up and starts robbing, murdering, and doing whatever else it is he does during the day.

    What’s The Price? $1 million alive, $500,000 dead.

    Why The Bounty? Not only does the Joker completely upend the structure of the criminal underworld in Gotham City, he embarrasses Gambol and the rest of the city's crime bosses. He also makes fun of Gambol's clothing choices - that's a real no-no.

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  • Han Solo, ‘Star Wars’
    Photo: Star Wars / 20th Century Fox

    Who Is It? Han Solo, the greatest smuggler in a galaxy far, far away. The pilot of the Millennium Falcon who made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs who also happens to owe Jabba the Hutt a ridiculous amount of credits.

    What’s The Price? 224,190. That's a lot of credits.

    Why The Bounty? After Han started running cargo for Jabba, he ran into an Imperial blockade. He was faced with the choice of ditching the cargo or being killed - so he dropped the cargo. Because Hutts aren't known for being super understanding, a hefty bounty was placed on this hero's head.

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  • Who Is It? A bandit with a heart of gold, Cheyenne is caught in the middle of a would-be land grab. The fact he doesn't have a dog in the hunt doesn't matter - he doesn't have a choice but to go on the run and either clear his name or die trying.

    What’s The Price? $5,000 (that's just a hair under $200,000 by 2022 standards).

    Why The Bounty? After a hired gun named Frank flies off the handle and offs landowner Brett McBain, his employer frames Cheyenne for the slaying rather than take the heat.

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    Jonathan 'The Duke' Mardukas, ‘Midnight Run’

    Who Is It? Jonathan Mardukas is a simple accountant - it's just his boss happens to be a major Chicago mobster who doesn't love it when people abscond with his money.

    What’s The Price? The Duke's bounty actually jumps a few times over the course of Midnight Run, starting at $10,000 and jumping to a cool $1 million.

    Why The Bounty? Not only has Mardukas embezzled $15 million of Jimmy Serrano's money, but he skipped out on his $450,000 bail, a combination of actions that guarantee an instantaneous bounty on one's head. The $10K bounty comes from the bail bondsman, but the million clams is an offer made by Serrano himself to bounty hunter Jack Walsh.

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  • The Guardians, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy (Vols. 1 & 2)’
    Photo: Guarians of the Galaxy Vol 1 / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Who Is It? You know them, you love them - the Guardians of the Galaxy. From film to film, different bounties are placed on the heads of various members of this malleable group. In the first film, Peter Quill has a major price put on his head, and in the sequel, new member Nebula has a bounty placed on her that the Guardians fail to collect.

    What’s The Price? The first bounty on Peter's head is a solid 40K. In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the bounty placed on newbie Nebula is unclear.

    Why The Bounty? That 40K placed on Peter's head comes down from his old boss/father figure Yondu after he steals the orb that contains the Power Stone so he can sell it for himself. The bounty on Nebula most likely comes down from the Nova Empire after Ronan the Accuser's failed attempt at destroying the Nova homeworld. Even though the Guardians aren't able to cash in Nebula for a fat check, they do gain a new member of their ever-expanding crew.

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  • Robin Hood, Various ‘Robin Hood’ Movies
    Photo: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves / Warner Bros.

    Who Is It? Robin Hood, Robin of Locksley, Robin Longstride, the hero of Sherwood Forest, the greatest archer in the woods of England. He robs from the rich and gives to the poor while consistently annoying the Sheriff of Nottingham.

    What’s The Price? It depends on the movie, but more often than not, the Sheriff offers a bag of gold for whoever can bring in Robin and his men. The bounty tends to grow exponentially as Robin continues to evade capture.

    Why The Bounty? This depends on the telling as well, but in each version of the Robin Hood story, Robin disagrees with the Sheriff's treatment of the people living in the vicinity of Sherwood Forest and begins a campaign of guerrilla warfare against the brutal villain. Robin also draws the eye of the beautiful Maid Marian, which really gets the Sheriff's goat, thus increasing the bounty.

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