Film Movies with Cinematography by Walt Lloyd

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List of all films where Walt Lloyd, cinematographer, did the cinematography. This list of Walt Lloyd films/movies is sorted alphabetically and includes trailers of the movies when available. While this isn't necessarily a list of all Walt Lloyd movies it does include the most popular ones. The films on this list include both big blockbusters and smaller indie films, but the commonality is that all of these movies were shot by Walt Lloyd.

Examples of people on this list include Short Cuts and Pump Up the Volume.

This list can help answer the questions, "Who is Walt Lloyd?" and "What movies did Walt Lloyd shoot?"

Almost all Walt Lloyd cinematography credits are included. While they usually don't operate the camera, cinematographers like Walt Lloyd are said to have "shot" films. Cinematographers, better known as DPs, have the final say for any lighting and framing during the filming of the movie. These are the most famous movies where Walt Lloyd did the cinematography. You can use this fact-based list to create a new list, re-rank it to fit your opinion, then publish it. (16 items)

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Alien Raiders Courtney Ford, Rockmond Dunbar, Carlos Bernard

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Feeling Minnesota Cameron Diaz, Courtney Love, Keanu Reeves

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Kafka Jeremy Irons, Alec Guinness, Ian Holm

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Private Parts Ozzy Osbourne, Ted Nugent, Sarah Hyland

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Pump Up the Volume Christian Slater, Seth Green, Juliet Landau

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Reinventing the Wheelers Misha Collins, Mary Steenburgen, Anna Camp

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Sex, Lies, and Videotape Andie MacDowell, James Spader, Laura San Giacomo

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Short Cuts Robert Downey Jr., Julianne Moore, Tim Robbins

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Superstar Will Ferrell, Molly Shannon, Tom Green

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Tales of the City Laura Linney, Olympia Dukakis, Thomas Gibson

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The Air I Breathe Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kevin Bacon, Brendan Fraser

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The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines Gabrielle Anwar, Bob Newhart, Jane Curtin

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The Wash Nobu McCarthy, Mako Iwamatsu, Patti Yasutake

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There Goes the Neighborhood Jeff Daniels, Catherine O'Hara, Rhea Perlman

Thicker is listed (or ranked) 15 on the list Movies with Cinematography by Walt Lloyd
Thicker John Goodman, Christopher Lloyd, Guy Pearce

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To Sleep with Anger Danny Glover, Richard Brooks, Vonetta McGee