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What The Colors Of Your Favorite Movie Costumes Really Mean

31 Jul 2020 3.5k views16 items

The use of color in costume design is a fascinating cinematic subject in its own right. It's the kind of thing you might not consciously think about while you're watching a movie, yet the choice of color can have a significant subliminal impact on your experience. Filmmakers often carefully select hues to accentuate the story's themes or reveal something about a character. After you've seen a movie once or twice, it's easier to pull back and think about the manner in which colors have been utilized. 

This list will take a deep dive into movie costume color symbolism, utilizing elements of color theory to illustrate each example. Comments from the designers themselves will help provide an understanding of the thought process behind the color selection. All genres take advantage of what color choice has to offer. A horror movie like Us is creepier because of it, an action picture like Kill Bill becomes more exciting, and a comedy like Mean Girls grows funnier. What they all have in common is using various shades to signify something meaningful. 

After re-examining the color symbolism in these movies, you may see them with a brand new appreciation.

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