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17 Onscreen Couples With No Chemistry

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List RulesVote up the cinematic couples in which the actors are most obviously not into each other at all.

Chemistry is key in the world of cinema, whether the film in question is a romantic comedy or a steamy drama about a sulking billionaire and the ingénue he obsesses over. Even if the movie's dialogue or plot leave room for improvement, a pair of actors who click can make it work. That’s why watching actors with no onscreen chemistry is such a nightmare. Not only is it depressing to watch two people who clearly dislike each other pretend to be in love, but it also takes all the magic out of a film. Film couples who hate each other are often worse than those who are just neutral - it's nearly impossible to get lost in a story if you're wondering about the drama that erupted when the cameras stopped rolling.

Movie couples with no chemistry might actually dislike each other, or they just might not be able to fake that spark. There’s no way to know why these onscreen couples don’t work well on screen, but there’s plenty of room to speculate. Vote up the cinematic couples in which the actors are so not into it, they might as well not even be there.

  • Jamie Dornan And Dakota Johnson In "Fifty Shades Of Grey"
    Photo: Universal Pictures

    The film adaptation of the hit erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey requires its leads to get more than a little intimate. Unfortunately, the on-screen relationship between stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson left viewers unsatisfied.

    The fact that stories repeatedly surfaced about the pair hating each other didn't help.

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  • Vin Diesel And Asia Argento In "XXX"
    Photo: Sony

    Vin Diesel's vehicle xXx is more about the stunts than the romantic subplot, and for good reason. Vin Diesel and Asia Argento don't seem to know that they're supposed to have a feeling for each other beyond vague mutual disdain.

    Critic Roger Ebert gave the movie a positive review, but noted that "the romantic scenes with the beautiful Yelena consist of two kisses."

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  • Zach Braff And Natalie Portman In "Garden State"
    Photo: Camelot Pictures

    Few movies have experienced the type of backlash that Garden State has. Natalie Portman's character Sam has been critiqued as the start of the manic pixie dreamgirl trope, and the entire film is mocked for its simplistic, moping tone.

    But even if you're a Garden State apologist, you have to admit that the relationship between Sam and Andrew isn't the sexiest - it's based around burying dead animals, after all.

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  • Jennifer Lopez And Ralph Fiennes In "Maid In Manhattan"
    Photo: Revolution Studios

    In the romantic comedy Maid In Manhattan, Ralph Fiennes plays an ultra-wealthy politician pursuing Jennifer Lopez's mystery woman, who secretly works as a maid at a luxury New York City hotel. The premise alone is wince-worthy in its reinforcement of stereotypes, but the couple never seemed to spark on film either.

    Fiennes seemed to take the blame for the lack of sizzle in an interview, saying, "I enjoyed making [Maid in Manhattan] and have huge respect for J.Lo, who was, I think, terribly good in it. But that sort of light comic thing is probably not my strength."

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