17 Onscreen Couples With No Chemistry

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Vote up the cinematic couples in which the actors are most obviously not into each other at all.

Chemistry is key in the world of cinema, whether the film in question is a romantic comedy or a steamy drama about a sulking billionaire and the ingénue he obsesses over. Even if the movie's dialogue or plot leave room for improvement, a pair of actors who click can make it work. That’s why watching actors with no onscreen chemistry is such a nightmare. Not only is it depressing to watch two people who clearly dislike each other pretend to be in love, but it also takes all the magic out of a film. Film couples who hate each other are often worse than those who are just neutral - it's nearly impossible to get lost in a story if you're wondering about the drama that erupted when the cameras stopped rolling.

Movie couples with no chemistry might actually dislike each other, or they just might not be able to fake that spark. There’s no way to know why these onscreen couples don’t work well on screen, but there’s plenty of room to speculate. Vote up the cinematic couples in which the actors are so not into it, they might as well not even be there.