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14 Movie Fight Scenes That Would Have Ended Earlier If The Bad Guys Didn't Wait Their Turn To Fight

5 May 2020 179 votes 50 voters 2.4k views14 items

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There's nothing that stands out quite like a long fight scene in which the bad guys take on the hero one at a time. It's just not plausible! There's a decent handful of nonsensical things we accept in movies and TV, but taking turns during fight scenes is one of the most conspicuous. For some, it's just an accepted convention of the genre; for others, it's an irritating action movie faux pas. Either way, it occurs more often than you might think.

While waiting on the sidelines until an opponent has defeated one of your buddies - or several of them in a row - doesn't make much sense, it continues to happen in films time and time again. We've compiled a list of some of the best long movie fight scenes that could have ended much sooner if the bad guys didn't follow this unwritten rule.

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