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The Best Movie Fights That Don't Involve Violence or Dancing

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As is the case with most kinds of storytelling, movies thrive on conflict. Some characters resolve their issues by beating down their enemies and blowing stuff up. Other characters battle zombies or the elements or any of the other million things that threaten the world. Some characters even conquer their demons through really snazzy dance numbers.

While all those methods are effective conflict busters, something about them is just so... conventional. It’s time to pay homage to the rare movie fights that don’t have violence (or dancing, just because that’s been overdone).

How is someone supposed to have a big victory (or a blowing defeat) without putting on ballet shoes or ass-kicking boots? Read about these non-violent fights in movies to find out! 

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    The Battle: A Battle Of The Wits For Buttercup

    In a fight to win Buttercup as prisoner, the Man in Black challenges Vizzini to a Battle of Wits. Vizzini has to choose one of two goblets to drink from, and he can only hope he chooses the one that isn’t poisoned with iocane powder. In such a straightforward challenge, it’s inconceivable to think the choice could be so hard...

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    The Battle: A Riff-Off For A Capella Glory

    With all of Bardon University’s A Capella groups in attendance, this is the musical battle of the year. Well, except for all the other competitions with real judges, trophies, and national prestige that they compete in. In any case, everyone has to be sharp for this riff-off. Not only are they competing for pride points, but there’s a Hoobastank microphone on the line! 

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    The Battle: A Rap Battle For 8 Mile Mastery

    If there’s one lesson we can learn from this movie, it’s that violence doesn’t accomplish anything. It does, however, give B-Rabbit the fuel he needs for the only fight that matters: the rap battle. 

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    The Battle: A Walk-Off For Male Modeling Glory

    The world of male modeling may involve ridiculously good looking people, but things can get ugly really fast. In a walk-off for the ages, Derek and Hansel strut their stuff on the runway, doing all they can to out model each other. Thankfully, David Bowie is there to judge the epic showdown and encourage the contestants to keep it (sort of) clean. 

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