14 Times A Hero Went Out - And Took The Villain With Them

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Some of the best movies include heroic sacrifice scenes. You know the moments we're talking about - scenes where the film's protagonist makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the world while bringing the villain down with them. Scenes like this can be found in everything from the MCU to beloved horror films from the 1970s. A hero sacrificing themselves never goes out of style.

Scenes in which a hero sacrifices themselves work best when audiences really know the protagonist. When the person giving their life for the greater good is just some unknown, it doesn't really have much of an effect, but if the audience has seen this character grow and change over the course of a couple of hours (or let's say a decade of intertwined films), then that death really means something.

The best version of these scenes occurs when the hero in question also takes out the number-one baddie in the film. These don't just make for fist-pumping moments - they bring the entire audience together.