A Single Movie Rental Store In The US Has More Titles Than Amazon, Netflix, And Hulu Combined

If you were born before 2000, you probably have a memory (however slight) of racing to Blockbuster or Hollywood Video to check out the newest movie releases. You probably also remember that the vast majority of the time, someone else had already rented the movie you desperately wanted. After that bleak discovery, you'd race over to the returns section of the store and ask the clerk to check if your preferred film had recently been deposited. You were usually out of luck, again. Maybe you blamed your mom for taking forever to drive you, perhaps you blamed the nerd behind the counter for not reserving VHS tapes for VIP movie connoisseurs like yourself, but ultimately, you walked out of of the rental place with your head held lowly and some lame video as a consolation to get you through the weekend.

Many big video rental chains didn't mind your disappointment, though. They knew that even if they didn't supply multiple copies of whatever blockbusters were in-demand, customers would hardly ever leave their respective stores empty-handed. Customer satisfaction and a wide movie selection weren't always top priorities; making sales seemed to take precedent .

Portland's Movie Madness was and is an entirely different sort of rental store, though. Even if the movie you want is checked out, there are thousands of other videos - good videos - to choose from. For that reason, the establishment has withstood the test of time. You could easily kill an hour browsing not just movie titles but memorabilia, as well, in Portland's premiere video rental space.