Humor 22 Hilarious Movie Marquee Fails  

Nathan Davidson
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There is nothing like going to the movies. It's still the ultimate form of escapism. Even though there is now entertainment all around us at every hour of every day, two hours in a darkened theater can still transport you to another world like nothing else in existence. One thing that can ruin or heighten the experience (depending on how you look at it) however, are movie marquee fails. What are movie marquee fails? Funny movie signs. You know those signs outside of movie theaters that employees have to change manually, letter by letter? Yeah. Those things. Sometimes they get all messed up. Sometimes the perfect combination of movie titles makes for one hilarious sign that no business would intentionally place outside of their building. Sometimes those funny movie theater signs are just too amazing not to post on the Internet.

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22 Hilarious Movie Marquee Fails