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Real Atari 2600 Games That Recreated Famous Movie Moments

May 5, 2020 243 votes 33 voters14 items

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The paradox of videogaming in the Atari 2600 era is that, although the console was almost absurdly limited by modern hardware standards, it was also doing huge business. In 1982, the year before the Great Videogame Crash, Atari raked in some $2 billion in revenue (closer to $5 billion in today's dollars).

With that kind of money flying around, huge licenses are sure to follow. Atari - as well as third-party game publishers like Parker Bros. - were able to license some of the hottest properties in movies of the day: James Bond, E.T., and Star Wars, to name a few. There was also some unlikelier Atari 2600 movie games, such as Porky's and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

So now your company has paid through the nose for a hotshot movie license, and you've got to recreate that movie on a machine that has 4K of memory and a maximum resolution of 160x192 pixels. What do you do? Well - you do the best you can. And the results can be found in the Atari 2600 games based on movies listed below.