The Most Destructive Movie Monsters, Ranked

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Vote up the movie monsters that have a gift for destruction.

Sometimes, you want to watch a movie and really think about it afterward, but not always. Sometimes, you just want some giant monster movies where the monsters smash things real good. And sometimes, you want both! Whether you're looking for a dark satire of bureaucracy or just monster destruction movies to help you finish off that bucket of popcorn, these monsters are some of the smashiest around.

Some of them are in clever movies that take the giant monster subgenre to new places, while others are pretty standard fare. Heck, some of 'em aren't even all that giant - but are no less destructive for it. From acknowledged classics to some forgotten flicks, these giant (or just gigantically destructive) movie monsters are capable of inflicting some real damage. Vote up the ones you'd least like to have come to your town!

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    Cthulhu In 'Underwater'

    What Are They? Originally created by H. P. Lovecraft in the 1928 short story "The Call of Cthulhu," this weird, tentacled being is one of Lovecraft's pantheon of ancient god monsters, but despite his popularity in modern media, Cthulhu has been remarkably scarce on film, which makes his appearance at the end of 2020's Underwater all the more surprising.

    Where Do They Let Loose? In Lovecraft's story, Cthulhu is sleeping in R'lyeh, a lost city at the bottom of the South Pacific. In Underwater, a deep-sea drilling operation cracks into what is presumably that same lost city and wakes him up. The movie never says the name, but they don't have to. We all know it's Cthulhu.

    Most Destructive Moment: As in Lovecraft's story, we never really get to see Cthulhu make landfall and wreak havoc, but we know that his waking up is bad for humankind. In Underwater, just the stirring of the titanic entity is enough to destroy the entire drilling platform.

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    The MUTOs In 'Godzilla' (2014)

    What Are They? The MUTOs (an acronym for Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms) hatch from spores found growing within the skeletal remains of a massive kaiju that resembles Godzilla, found in the Philippines. They feed on radiation and have the potential to reproduce countless offspring.

    Where Do They Let Loose? The first MUTO comes from Japan while the other breaks out of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository in Nevada. Before all is said and done, both creatures converge on San Francisco, where they do battle with Godzilla.

    Most Destructive Moment: The battle with Godzilla does a number on San Francisco, but not before just one of the MUTOs manages to lay waste to most of Las Vegas just by passing through.

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    Clovie In 'Cloverfield'

    What Are They? Much of the specifics of Clovie's origins are left to secrecy, thanks to J.J. Abrams's "mystery box" approach to the film, but we can be pretty sure that, whatever it is, it fell from the sky like a meteor. So, presumably, Clovie is some kind of (very large) alien, though where exactly it came from and what (besides smashing things) it wants on Earth is impossible to say.

    Where Do They Let Loose? Clovie splashes down just outside New York City and proceeds to take a big bite out of the Big Apple.

    Most Destructive Moment: There's a lot of devastation in Cloverfield, but perhaps the most jaw-dropping moment is when Clovie knocks the head clean off the Statue of Liberty and sends it smashing into Manhattan.

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    Lizzie In 'Rampage'

    What Are They? In the original video game from 1986, the three kaiju who dominate Rampage were humans who had mutated into animalistic forms. In the 2018 movie version, they're animals exposed to genetic material created by an unscrupulous genetics lab that causes them to grow far larger than their original size and also develop secondary mutations. Lizzie is perhaps the most destructive of the three - a former alligator transformed into a giant, horned kaiju.

    Where Do They Let Loose? The bad guys in Rampage have some sort of plan that involves luring the various monsters to their base in Chicago, which proves to be bad news for the city. Just don't... don't think too hard about the plan, okay?

    Most Destructive Moment: In a turn that should come as no surprise to anyone except apparently this movie's villains, luring three angry, giant monsters to your office tower doesn't end well for said building, and in perhaps the most impressive bit of destruction from the three great beasts, the tower eventually comes crashing down. Lizzie does a lot of the work, not only climbing the tower but literally burrowing through it.

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    The Mimics In 'Edge of Tomorrow'

    What Are They? Aliens that arrive in Germany via an asteroid, the so-called Mimics don't communicate with their human foes but manage to conquer and overrun most of continental Europe in short order, due in part to their ability to reset time, though no one knows that at first.

    Where Do They Let Loose? In no time flat, the Mimics have spread across most of Europe and are soon threatening the British Isles. 

    Most Destructive Moment: On their own, the Mimics are more than capable of taking out individual soldiers, but not destructive on the same level as a larger monster. Working collectively, however, they have managed to lay waste to most of Europe in a remarkably short time. When the protagonist - who has accidentally inherited their ability to reset time - finally traces the "Omega," the hive mind creature that controls all the others, it has made its nest within the Louvre.

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    King Ghidorah In 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters'

    What Are They? An alien kaiju with plans to transform the Earth so that it is more hospitable to aliens like itself, this sets King Ghidorah apart from all the other kaiju of the newly-refurbished "MonsterVerse" series of American Godzilla and Kong films from Warner Bros. While the other kaiju are huge and destructive, they're terrestrial in nature, making them a part of Earth's natural cycle, whereas Ghidorah is something else entirely.

    Where Do They Let Loose? All over the place. King Ghidorah is initially found frozen in ice in Antarctica but makes their way to Mexico and, later, Boston, where they clash with Godzilla and Mothra.

    Most Destructive Moment: Ghidorah gives Godzilla more than a run for their money, fighting the big lizard to a standstill more than once before Ghidorah is finally defeated. While the devastation they cause just about everywhere they stop is impressive, Ghidorah's compulsory "destroying landmarks" sequence comes in Washington, DC, where Ghidorah and Rodan bring storms and destruction that flood the city, set the Capitol on fire, and hurl Navy destroyers right up to the feet of the Washington Monument.