Total Nerd 13 Movie Myths That Are Making Us All Dumber  

Nathan Gibson
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For all the pitfalls and problems with the movie industry, it is undoubtedly true that films provide plenty of benefits. A little bit of movie magic is enough to entertain millions of people and sometimes even teach them a thing or two about the way the world works. Unfortunately, there are plenty of suggested "facts" that aren't necessarily true. After seeing these types of movie myths several times in countless different films, people began to accept them without ever questioning just how truthful they actually are.

Like horrible true things left out of biopics, these false facts movies perpetuate are skewing audiences's perception of reality. Maybe filmmakers are also blissfully unaware or maybe they are purposefully ignoring scientific fact that could potentially ruin a movie's plot. In either case, some of the myths from movies people believe are certainly not helping us to become smarter as a species, so hopefully, this article can help enlighten you just a little bit.

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You Have To Wait 24 Hours To Report Someone Missing

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Myth: Almost any time a person goes missing in any movie, the concerned family members and friends are told by police that they must wait 24 hours before filing the appropriate report.

Fact: Not only is this simply not true, it is also a pretty dangerous myth to spread around. Police and other experts stress how important it is to start searches and file a missing person’s report as quickly as possible. This gives the police the best chance of finding them. Any delay could not only hamper an investigation but lead to harm coming to the missing person. Government websites even specifically point out that you don’t have to wait any length of time before contacting the police.

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Everyone Who Is Arrested Gets One Phone Call

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Myth: It’s one of the biggest staples in Hollywood that a person who has been arrested is entitled to one phone call of their choosing. It happens time and time again in almost any police drama or criminal film, with examples ranging from The Matrix to Kingsman: The Secret Service. In each movie, the arrested person asks for and receives their seemingly mandatory call.

Fact: The only problem is that this idea has been made up by the film industry. While anyone who has been arrested does have the right to speak to their attorney, phone calls are a privilege that can be given or taken away at any time. Basically, there is a lot of different rules and regulations around phone calls that vary from state to state and country to country.

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It Only Takes Seconds To Knock Someone Out With A Rag Soaked In Chloroform

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Myth: The chloroform rag has become to go to weapon for anyone who wants to incapacitate a person in a non-lethal manner. According to movies such as Billion Dollar Brain, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and P2, it is possible to knock somebody out in seconds by holding the cloth over their mouths.

Fact: In truth, knocking people out using drugs and other toxins is a very difficult process. Too much of a certain material will be harmful and too little will cause no effect. That’s why hospitals use anesthetists when putting people under. While chloroform could be used to knock somebody unconscious, it would take a lot longer than it does in the movies.

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One Can Calmly Walk Away From A Nearby Explosion

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Myth: It’s a scene that is all too familiar in movies; the action hero is able to calmly walk away while an intense explosion goes off in the background. In extreme cases, such as in Sin City or Transformers, characters are thrown through the air without suffering from any ill-effects.

Fact: While the initial fiery inferno might not cause any harm to a person in real life, the resulting shockwave would. This would compress all of the air in your body as it spread out from the point of impact and then immediately cause it to expand massively as a result of the vacuum left behind. The resulting damage to internal organs such as the heart and lungs would be catastrophic, possibly causing them to tear apart.