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13 Movie Myths That Are Making Us All Dumber

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For all the pitfalls and problems with the movie industry, it is undoubtedly true that films provide plenty of benefits. A little bit of movie magic is enough to entertain millions of people and sometimes even teach them a thing or two about the way the world works. Unfortunately, there are plenty of suggested "facts" that aren't necessarily true. After seeing these types of movie myths several times in countless different films, people began to accept them without ever questioning just how truthful they actually are.

Like horrible true things left out of biopics, these false facts movies perpetuate are skewing audiences's perception of reality. Maybe filmmakers are also blissfully unaware or maybe they are purposefully ignoring scientific fact that could potentially ruin a movie's plot. In either case, some of the myths from movies people believe are certainly not helping us to become smarter as a species, so hopefully, this article can help enlighten you just a little bit.

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    Silencers Make Gunshots Silent

    Myth: Practically every James Bond film – or any movie that features guns – will show that silencers eliminate practically all of the sound from a gun. With a silencer on, it is possible to fire a shot without anyone in the immediate vicinity to know what has happened.

    Fact: The thing is, silencers are not even a thing. What the movies are actually showing a called suppressors, a tool primarily designed to reduce the sound of a gun for ear protection and to make it more difficult to identify the location of the gunfire. Even with a suppressor fitted, guns can still produce a sound of more than 100 decibels, enough to alert everyone nearby.

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    It's Cool To Pull Out A Grenade Pin With Your Teeth

    Myth: If action movies have taught us anything, it is that pulling out the pin of a grenade using just your teeth is just about the coolest thing a person can do. Numerous heroes from movies like Starship Troopers, Terminator, and G. I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra have done exactly that to great effect.

    FactUnfortunately, doing that with a real grenade would most likely lead to teeth being pulled out completely. Pins are designed to be difficult to pull out to avoid any accidents where they can explode by mistake, meaning you would have to pull really hard with your teeth to get it out of the grenade.

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    Laser Guns Create A Brilliant Color Show

    Photo: Disney

    Myth: Franchises such as Star Wars and Star Trek have shown millions of people what it would be like to shoot laser guns in space. Although they are obviously dangerous, it is still fun to watch the multitude of bright colors shoot through the sky.

    Fact: Real-life laser weapons, if they could be developed, would actually be invisible. Light needs a surface to reflect off of to become visible, and in the vacuum of space, there is nothing – meaning the laser would never become visible. It is easy to test this with modern-day laser pointers, which only become visible when they hit a surface.

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    One Can Calmly Walk Away From A Nearby Explosion

    Myth: It’s a scene that is all too familiar in movies; the action hero is able to calmly walk away while an intense explosion goes off in the background. In extreme cases, such as in Sin City or Transformers, characters are thrown through the air without suffering from any ill-effects.

    Fact: While the initial fiery inferno might not cause any harm to a person in real life, the resulting shockwave would. This would compress all of the air in your body as it spread out from the point of impact and then immediately cause it to expand massively as a result of the vacuum left behind. The resulting damage to internal organs such as the heart and lungs would be catastrophic, possibly causing them to tear apart.

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