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Movie Posters Where Actors Heads Are Clearly Photoshopped Onto Different Bodies

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It’s hard to believe studios spend millions making movies, then, when it comes to marketing films, release heinously photoshopped posters. If special effects are done well in a production, you can easily get lost in the power of cinema, and a lot of movies have great special effects. Which might lead you to wonder how any artist or movie executive thought these photoshopped movie posters were any good, especially when they have access to such talented people. Yet they exist, in all their pathetic, garbage asethetic glory. 

Terrible photoshop fails can occur for a plethora of reasons. Sometimes heads are way too large for their supposed bodies. Other times, arms or legs are far too long. In some cases, it's just ridiculous - you know know it’s impossible for a waist to be that slender or boobs to grow so large. There's also the totally heinous dead giveaway of the lighting not matching from the face to body, which really bad photoshop artists try to gloss over by brightening things, which isn't helping anyone. 

How these ridiculous movie posters were approved by anyone with at least a fifth grade education remains a question for the ages. But somehow, someway, they were liked by someone. Interestingly, most of the films on this list did not fair very well at the box office. But we are still discussing their movie poster, so perhaps there is genius in absurdity?