Behind-The-Scenes Pictures Of Movie Prosthetics And Costumes

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Vote up the prosthetics and costumes you're most surprised to see are basically held together with duct tape and a prayer from a harried set designer.

Generally, movie prosthetics and costumes end up looking pretty great in the final product, but seeing movie props up close makes for a far different story. Many of them appear slapped together by a bunch of lazy middle school students who just needed those extra participation points. Often, the more famous movie props look pretty crappy off-screen, and the ones that look a little suspect onscreen are even worse when you get up close and personal. Even if props appeared in multiple movies, you may still not quite understand how different they look when taken away from the camera lens.

As you can imagine, there’s no shortage of aliens and monsters on the list, but there are some mundane pieces as well that just have no excuse for looking so heinous. Each of these props could use a little TLC and a lot of CGI.