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20 Film And TV Roles That Were 100% Perfectly Cast

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Sometimes the universe aligns and the perfect actor nabs the perfect part, creating an iconic character for all to enjoy. Over on Reddit, people are sharing their opinions on actors who were a perfect fit for the part they played. Vote up the actor who brought pure perfection to the part. 

  • Posted by u/Arkady2009:

    Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator.

    Reply by u/Devonai:

    Fun fact! James Cameron originally wanted Lance Henrickson as the Terminator and Schwarzenegger as Kyle Reese.

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    Michael Keaton As Beetlejuice

    Posted by u/Vbcomanche:

    Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice. No one could ever compare...

    Reply by u/TheFinalPam420:

    I listened to a podcast called "The Beetlejuice Minute," where each episode covered a minute of the movie. It really opened my eyes to how incredibly talented Michael Keaton is as an actor. My personal favorite moment is when he says he wants to get out and Lydia replies that she wants to get in. There's a split second where his showman facade drops and he says, "Why?" It's so subtle and I never noticed it before.

    This is heartbreaking because he was Juno's assistant, which means he killed himself. You can see on his face the confusion and horror at this teenage girl wanting to die.

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  • Posted by u/Gambit3le:

    Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones.

    Reply by u/eaglewatch1945:

    I couldn't imagine Temple of Doom existing if Tom Selleck got the job for Raiders.

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  • Posted by u/ereubg:

    Christoph Waltz as Hans Landa in Inglorious Basterds.

    Posted by u/maybe-a-Wizard:

    Ooooh! That's a BINGO! Am I saying that right? "That's a bingo?"

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