Behind The Scenes Photos Of Huge Movie Sets Under Construction

Making a film requires quite an undertaking, especially when creating blockbusters and their huge movie sets. While some movies only leave their marks on the screen, massive productions leave their marks on the physical landscape, viewable in photos of movie sets under construction. The biggest movie sets ever comprised of more than just fake trees and moveable walls; full-on railroads, ships, and even cities include some of the props created for many a blockbuster.

Though many films turn to constructing miniature set pieces to visualize their world, sometimes a larger-than-life set is the only way to get the job done, even if it’s only used once. Some of the most epic films ever made possess a rich catalogue of behind-the-scenes movie photos showcasing their sets under construction. While a production budget that leans heavily on construction costs doesn't necessarily guarantee a blockbuster, pictures of giant movie sets ensure the film will leave a lasting visual impression.