37 Famous Actors Who Were Injured On Film Sets

Murphy’s Law doesn’t care if you’re Johnny Depp or Robert Downey Jr. Next time you twist an ankle or get chained to the bottom of your bathtub a la Isla Fisher, remember that you’re just like these film actors, who all suffered some serious injuries on set while living the glamorous Hollywood life of making movies. From sprained ankles to scorched penises (yes, really!), there's plenty that can go tragically wrong while making a movie.

This also explains why making films can be so expensive. Along with cast, crew, producer, and director salaries, production expenses include gear, catering, stunt work, and insurance. Lots of insurance. But production insurance doesn’t save actors from getting hurt. Oh no. Film sets can be very dangerous places.

When you’re working with weapons, aircraft, vehicles, horses, rain, water tanks, boiling water, and ferrets, proceed with extreme caution. Which famous actors and actresses have literally bled for their art? Read on to learn which film stars have been injured on set and which movies had to halt production until their star recovered. Making movies isn't just glitz, glamour, and fun and games, as these behind-the-scenes movie injuries prove.