Epic Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Famous Miniature Movie Sets

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A giant reptile smashes through a city. A massive ocean liner charts a collision course with an iceberg. A futuristic Los Angeles sparkles with neon lights. These are all memorable images from beloved films - and they're all a bit smaller than you might expect, since they were made using movie miniatures. As these behind-the-scenes photographs of movies show, practical miniatures can be a great help in capturing sequences that are difficult to create at scale.

Movie miniatures in action showcase the labor and artistry that go into shooting a major motion picture. But it's also interesting to see the scale of these objects - the presence of a person in these photos can play fun tricks on your sense of perspective.

For decades, practical miniatures have made the impossible possible. From Ray Harryhausen's early work in creating stop-motion monsters to the contemporary work of production companies like Laika, miniatures on movie sets make create on-screen magic.