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14 Reused Film Sets That Made Us Do A Double-Take

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From superhero movies to sci-fi adventures, films are nothing without their sets. Have you ever watched a film or tv show and had a deja-vu moment? "Have I seen that run-down steel-works factory before?" you might say to yourself. The answer is probably yes! Turns out, many sets are recycled throughout productions in the entertainment industry. Vote up the most surprising movie sets that have been re-used for other productions!

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    Billy Madison Lived In The X-Men School Mansion

    Adam Sandler's character in Billy Madison lived in the same mansion located in Ontario, Canada used as Professor Xavier's school in the X-Men series. It is called the Parkwood Estates, and it has also been used in The Boys, and The Umbrella Academy, and many other TV shows and movies.

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    The Fire Station In 'Ghost Busters' Was Also Used In 'The Mask'

    Fire Station No. 23 is a former fire station that is located in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. While it's most known for its iconic use as the firehouse interior from Ghostbusters, it is also seen in The Mask with Jim Carrey as an auto-shop.

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    'The Quality Cafe' Is A Common Place To Get Coffee

    The famous Quality Cafe diner in Los Angeles, California has been used in a number of films and tv shows. Some of the most popular being Se7en, Coyote Ugly, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Catch Me If You Can, and Training Day.

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    The Bradbury Building - Who Knew An Office Building Could Be A Famous Landmark?

    Located in Los Angeles, California, The Bradbury Building has been used in many movies for its iconic atrium and walkways accented with ornate ironwork. Some of its most popular features include The Artist (2011), (500) Days of Summer, Pay It Forward, and Blade Runner (1982).

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