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Ann Casano
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Food and sex, sex with food. The two seem to go together like chocolate and strawberries. Perhaps it’s because humans need both on a biological level. Maybe, it’s because eating a delicious meal and having great sex both hit a pleasure center in our brains that simply makes us feel good. Then, when the two are erotically combined, it’s as if we’re experiencing double the bliss. Of course, the movies have long noted this insatiable dynamic duo. Here are the best movie sex scenes in cinema.

Whether food is used as erotic foreplay or part of the main act of lovemaking, there are plenty of sexy scenes that involve food to choose from. Some of the scenes on this list do not actually depict sexual encounters at all. The famous Meg Ryan fake orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally takes place in a packed deli in New York City over pastrami sandwiches. Even though Harry and Sally don’t hop up on the table and consummate their relationship, the scene is still extremely sexually charged.

Of course, there are plenty other movie sex scenes involving food to consider. The beautiful Kim Basinger sucking on strawberries (and many other types of food) in 9 ½ Weeks. Jennifer Beals mimicking fellatio with a lobster tail in Flashdance. And, don't forget about the whipped cream bikini that Ali Larter sports in Varsity Blues.

Whether it’s warm apple pie, a fig, a giant turkey leg, butter, or chocolate – food sex in films has a storied celluloid history. Be sure to vote up the hottest!
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What Else Is in the Fridge?

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Film: 9 1/2 Weeks

This is one of the most iconic and talked about scenes from the movie 9 1/2 Weeks. Sure, the film is not a typical romance with a pat happy ending, but this scene with John (Mickey Rourke) and Elizabeth (Kim Basinger) came before the couple's downward spiral. John basically feeds his lover the entire refrigerator full of food, everything from strawberries to cough syrup, in order to arouse Elizabeth, who must keep her eyes closed during the feeding frenzy.
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Lobster and Footsie

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Film: Flashdance

Alex (Jennifer Beals) and Nick (Michael Nouri) are dining at a five-star restaurant in Flashdance. The uptight setting doesn't stop Alex from mimicking fellatio on her lobster dinner and playing an erotic game of footsie underneath the table.
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Ham Flavored Breasts

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Film: Jamon Jamon

Penelope Cruz made her big screen debut in Jamon Jamon in 1993, and what a sexual debut it was. The entire film mixes obscure comedy with sexual desire, while citing the bond between food and sex. The movie's tagline is "A film where women eat men and men eat ham." Jamon means ham in Spanish, which is a wink to a scene where the taste of Sylvia's breasts (Cruz) are compared to the taste of good ham.
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Warm Apple Pie

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Film: American Pie

Every good teenage raunchy sex comedy has to have some sort of self-love scene. In American Pie, horny teenage Jim (Jason Biggs) recalls a conversation he had regarding the similarity between the female love organ and warm apple pie. When he spots his mother's apple pie irresistibly just sitting out on the counter, he must make sweet, sweet love to it.