Movie Stars' Very First Tweets

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The very first tweets ever tweeted on Twitter by movie stars

List of movie stars's first Tweets. Most A-list actors and actresses from films have Twitter accounts of their own. Some got them last decade, others signed up post-2010. Here is the collection of their first-ever Tweets right after they made their account. Take a trip down memory lane and discover what sexy and award-winning movie stars had to say with their new-found 140 character limit. These celebrities often had funny Tweets on their first try, intentionally or otherwise.

One such Tweet comes from Academy Award-winning actress Whoopi Goldberg, who admitted in her first post ever that she only made the account so people couldn't pose as her, but she has no intention of Tweeting much ever again. Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood lost his Twitter virginity in November of 2010 when he said hello to the Twitterverse... with a spelling error.

From Anna Kendrick, to Jonah Hill, to Cameron Diaz, to Jared Leto, there are plenty of stars on this list. Vote up the first Tweets you think are the best below.