12 Movie Subplots That Are WAY More Interesting Than The Actual Movie

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A movie's main plot is what drives the story and keeps audiences engaged. However, the best movie subplots are frequently the parts of many films that keep audiences talking, as opposed to the main story arc. Subplots provide depth to a primary plot, and sometimes, even steal the show.

Sure, sometimes a subplot with a bunch of holes can distract from the primary purpose of a film. But the best writers and movie-makers know that dynamic characters can have their own stories, which drive the plot into more exciting directions. Unexplained moments in a movie could leave an audience unsatisfied, but when a film creator knows how to weave a subplot into a film's first story effectively, it creates a more human and engaging movie, whether it's animated or "real life."

Frequently, a subplot could be the aspect of a film that keeps a fan engaged. While the original story usually has the elements of a traditional plot, a great subplot inspires cult followings and analysis years after the release of a successful film.